How to Improve Student Outcomes With Educational ERP?

Use and implementation of Educational ERP System has become a norm nowadays. Its futuristic features have taken the entire education system to the next high level. It helps educational institutes to provide the right platform where students can excel and acquire their desired career goals. Read more >

What is Observational Learning and how does it help Higher Education?

Do you know a kid’s education starts even before getting enrolled in the school? How? They are observing the people around them and learning many things. This is the foundation term for observational learning theory. According to this theory, learners learn new things by observing the people around them. Read more >

What Is Hybrid Learning? A Brief Guide

What do you imagine a picture of school? Buildings, classrooms, students sitting on the benches, teachers explaining with books and blackboards, right? But Covid’s dead wave transformed this picture! Now, we were watching students sitting in front of screens and teachers explaining, using smart boards. Read more >

Keep Track of Student’s Progress with Online Assessment Test

The assessment process has never been easy! It is a combined outcome of the efforts of students, teachers, supporting staff, and school administration. A lot of resources are engaged during this process to make it more accurate and fairer. Also, do you remember the day of the evaluation? It was the D-Day for both students and teachers. Read more >

What Is Adaptive Learning and Why is It Important EdTech industry?

Do you remember while studying in class, only a few students were getting what the teacher was teaching in the classes and others were struggling to match the speed of the teacher? We know every student is special and different. Not all students can cope with the speed and become first-time learners. So, to get out of this type of tedious situation, we need to think out of the box and modify the learning approaches. Read more >

What is a School Portal and How does it work?

Do you remember the days when we used to rush to check out the notice boards to get updates regarding upcoming events, exams, admissions, and other important aspects happening in the school? Standing behind and getting information was not an easy task, so what did we have to do? Read more >

What is Learning Management System and its features?

With the invention of advanced technologies, changes in the education workflow are obvious. As lectures are shifted from classrooms to online classrooms, pen-paper-based exams are converted into online exams, why does the learning process stick to the traditional one? Read more >

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