Best Platform for School Management
  • 2002

    It Started with…..

    Initiation started by two Gujarati childhood friends, Engineers by profession and entrepreneurs by soul, founded an ERP solution firm named Sapphire Software Solutions. with a special focus on digitalizing Schools.

  • history


    Get Set / All Set

    Completed development of a Window based School ERP solutions named VIDYALAYA to enhance educational technology and manage school activities through digital mode.

  • final journey begins


    Journey Begins / Revolution Begins

    The First Pilot run was conducted in 10 schools in Banaskantha district in Gujarat converted into the permanent installation of VIDYALAYA School Management Software.

  • final first successful


    First Success

    VIDYALAYA started on the grounds of Banaskantha where technology was not so developed and also being in a remote area it was a challenge but after a majority of implementation of Vidyalaya window based solution. It was our first major win as a Techno Savvy firm.

  • appretiation



    Team Vidyalaya applauded by Government of Gujarat on a successful implementation of the system in state districts.

  • training



    Out Team trained 3000 principals and school administrative staff under STTI (Secondary Technology Training Institute) GCERT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat the education department of the government of Gujarat.

  • integration


    First Integration

    Vidyalaya came up with SMS Integrated Solutions for educational institutes to improvise the communication between School and Parents.

  • milestone



    Another Milestone achieved with implementing Vidyalaya in 500 educational Institutes.

  • cloud



    The new version of Vidyalaya released first of its kind fully Web-based School ERP solutions, compatible to work on Cloud technology.

  • cloud


    We go National

    Vidyalaya registers its first presence out of Gujarat, by an installation of Vidyalaya Web-based solutions in MIT MAEER'S VISHWASHANTI GURUKUL SCHOOL in Pune.

  • international


    International Debut

    Vidyalaya goes International with successful implementation in School’s of Africa and closing Dream Height Global as the channel partner in Nigeria.

  • no 1 in gujarat



    Vidyalaya name No. 1 School Management Software in Gujarat.

  • 2009


    Vidyalaya 2.0 web based solution’s new version launched.

  • expansion



    Vidyalaya registers its presence in whole India by opening offices in 10 major cities of India and acquiring 12 channel partners in major states.

  • alliance


    Alliance in Middle East

    Channel Partnership deal signed with Ascent Soft company in Qatar as a face of Vidyalaya in the Middle East.

  • exam


    Virtual Exam

    Vidyalaya launched with E-exam integration to provide facility to educational Institutes of taking exams via online.

  • tally


    Diwali Present

    Completed development of Biometric Integrations and Tally integrations to provide the facility of managing attendance and payroll of employees of the institute, with migrating data automatically to Vidyalaya.

  • offshore


    Vidyalaya Go Offshore

    Vidyalaya registers its presence in Internationally by opening offices in 7 major cities of the world and acquiring 7 channel partners in different countries.

  • 2013

    New Year New Version

    Vidyalaya 3.0 version launched containing modules to manage resources of Schools such as Transportation, Hostel, Library etc.

  • clients



    Another Milestone achieved, Vidyalaya installation in 1100+ educational Institutes Nationally and Internationally.

  • 2014

    Christmas Boon

    Vidyalaya 3.5 major update released named “Custom Search Report”, through which schools can have as many reports as they want on their own criteria.

  • appretiation


    People’s Choice

    Team Vidyalaya received appreciation for the Customer services in innovative Educational Technology implementation, by the state government and Association of Progressive Schools.

  • mobile app


    Digital India

    Vidyalaya Mobile Application launched as a mobile app integration to build a bridge of Communication between Parents, School, and Teachers under Digital India Campaigning.

  • online payment


    Make In India

    Vidyalaya released Vidyalaya Online Payment Integration and Vehicle Tracking System Integration in Conference of Modern Technology in educational software, during Make In India Campaign.

  • 1300 clients



    Vidyalaya set up the benchmark of 1300+ clients globally and has trained more than 10,000 school professionals for Vidyalaya in digitizing their school administration.

  • 2017

    Whole New League

    Vidyalaya became one of the few School Management Software in India providing One-stop web-based solution for educational Institutes having all type of Integrations