Definitive Guide to Examination Management Software

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According to Albert Einstein, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think!” Exams are the measures to test the knowledge of students and the evaluation is considered important to upgrade them into the next standards. Read more >

How school Management App help Education Sector to reduce their workload?

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The year 2020 and 2021 brought hazardous memories of Covid-19. The outspread halted the entire world from performing its routine. All industries got busy finding innovative ways to perform the daily routine. Read more >

How Online Exam Management System Can Increase Your School Profile?

Online Exam Management System

Today’s younger generation is dynamic and adaptive in nature. They have great exposure to the latest technologies, thanks to Internet! Before Covid-19 outspread, the existence of online exams was limited to competitive exams or entrance exams and was not implemented at the school or college level. Read more >

What Is Student Information System and How it helps Every Student and School?

Student Information System

In the era of growing technology and power, the role of software solutions has become highly important in each and every aspect that includes the field of industries, healthcare, construction as well as education. Read more >

How School Management Software Help Student and Teacher to Connect in This Covid-19 Situations?

school management software

In the month of February 2020, alarm bells started ringing, which were signs of taking the precautionary measure due to a deadly virus named Covid-19. Read more >

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