What Is IQAC? Importance and Benefits of IQAC In NAAC

What Is IQAC? Importance and Benefits Of IQAC In NAAC

We all know that the National Assessment and Accreditation Council aka NAAC was founded with the aim of education quality enhancement. Among the various approaches followed by the council, the formation of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell or IQAC is becoming a hit recipe. Read more >

What Is NAAC Accreditation? Importance Of NAAC Accreditation

NAAC Accreditation

In the education sector, assessments and accreditation have immense importance. Not only in academics but in administration, both these terms play an important role. Additionally, higher education is setting new benchmarks every day to promote the holistic progress of the current generation. Read more >

What Is Collaborative Learning? Benefits of Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

Alone we can do little; together we can do so much

So, true for the education sector! Classroom is a micro-ecosystem where students and teachers work together and follow the path of progress. Read more >

Effective Strategies To Improve Student Attendance

Effective Strategies To Improve Student Attendance

If you are a regular reader of news from the education sector, then you must have known that there are serious issues with student attendance. Although the government has made it compulsory to maintain some percentage of attendance, educational institutes have failed to obtain the magical figures many times. Read more >

What is Game-Based Learning & How it will help for Higher Education?

Game-Based Learning

The gaming industry is booming like never before. It has not remained reserved for leisure time but is reducing several industries’ overhead. Gaming has transformed the ways of understanding complex concepts. Read more >

Why Educational Institutions Concerned About Student Data Security?

Student Data Security

While talking about school management system, one factor hits the discussion prominently, and it is student data security. One may ask “Why is it so important to have security for student data?”. Read more >

Effortless Attendance Tracking: Power of Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

Gone are the days when attendance used to register in the jargon books and teachers used to spend at least 15 minutes every day while noting down this. During this process, parents were neither aware of the actual attendance status nor they were notified. Read more >

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