What is Data Validation And Verification (DVV) In NAAC Grading Process?

What is Data Validation And Verification

Working in the Indian education sector, you must have come across words like NAAC, and NAAC grading! For those who are not much familiar with these words, let us tell you about NAAC National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Accreditation which assesses and accredits high education institutes like colleges and universities.…continue reading →

Enhancing Hostel Security with Hostel Management System

Enhancing Hostel Security with Hostel Management System

The popularity of residential schools has raised in recent few years. The modern amenities, discipline, self-independence, quality education, affordable fees, and overall development of kids are among the reasons that lead to having a preference towards educational institutes with hostel facilities. Among all these, the security of children becomes the topmost priority for both parents and hostel staff. …continue reading →

Importance Of Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation

Evaluation plays a significant role in academics as it measures the student’s performance and empowers improvement practices for overall growth. Scores achieved in the curriculum exams are not only the numbers that show the growth and development of the student but they are indicators of student performance in academic and co-academic areas. Thus, the demand for a comprehensive evaluation method was always there. …continue reading →