For Schools, An Easier And Faster Inventory Management System Is Being Introduced

School Inventory Management System

Wasting much of your or your staff time in searching for your inventory? Now forget all that stuffs, and adopt a systematic way of inventory handling through the means of Vidyalaya’s school inventory management system. The complete customizable system will provide you a seamless inventory management experience.

Do not engage your teaching staff in the laborious task of inventory management, rather let them concentrate on productive tasks of teaching. Vidyalaya’s school inventory management software keeps track of the school’s every materialistic asset like computers, lab equipment, furniture, and others. Be it a process of purchase management or stock transfer management, our dedicated software can handle it efficiently.

Integrate your school management system with the school inventory and keep your assets well-maintained and ensure efficient finance is utilized over it. The bird’s eye view of the entire equipment available in your school will facilitate the school’s higher management to manage the finance for it. The improved organization will help to locate and track the asset easily.

It always happens that school assets are prone to the risk of loss and theft. Reduce the probability of these types of occurrences by maintaining a trail of assets. The carefully tracked and monitored assets are less likely to be stolen or damaged. To make this process efficient, mark every asset with QR or barcodes so that automated tracking can be enabled.

Many school assets are shared across the different departments of a school. But when damaged or stolen, nobody is eager to take the responsibility for the loss. Remove this possibility only by streamlining the school inventory management across departments.

Utilize your resources in a proper way and pay less maintenance cost for the software. Avail of the multiple transformational benefits of Vidyalaya’s school inventory management system and improve your institute’s educational operations.

Key Features School Inventory Management Software


Bulk Inward Of Inventory.

The organization can do the bulk entry of inventory through the inward option, it makes the work easy for a school to manage the data of inventory with one click.


Inventory Issue Return.

The organization can issue the inventory to the student and staff, as well as when the inventory is returned, they can keep the track for returned item.


Log Of Inventory.

The organization can maintain the complete log of each item issued and returned. The log of remaining inventory can also be tracked in the School Inventory Management Software.


Alert Of The Inventory

The school can set the re-order point and re-order quantity of the inventory, according to the re-order point the school will get the alert for inventory


Weighted Average Cost.

The average cost of any item can be calculated based on multiple stock inward transaction done by the client. The average cost is calculated based on the price per item.


Real Time Update

The school can get a real-time update with the help of School Inventory Management Software and can get the complete data anywhere anytime on a fingertip.


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Benefit Of School Inventory Management Software


The items can be managed in more organized way.


Saves the time of managing manual work.


Complete track of inventory issued and inwarded.


Multiple reports for inward and inventory issue


Quick alerts for re-order of the inventory.


Real time data to manage the warehouse.

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