Enhance Faculty Management System in your institute with Vidyalaya

Despite the changing nature of education, the need for a good faculty system remains constant. Educational institutes are incomplete without experienced faculties, as they are the first to confront students on a daily basis. Read more >

What Is Microlearning? Importance & Examples of Microlearning

Imagine two scenarios: One is a lengthy video explaining a complex topic in a continuous session and in another, the speaker is explaining the same concept in the divided manner of short-duration videos. Read more >

Overview of Curriculum Development: Type, Principles & Process

While deciding on a course as a career, what we see is its curriculum. Right? The components of a good curriculum can fascinate students to enroll and make a shining career in the stream. Offering a thoughtfully designed curriculum is a basic prerequisite of a quality education. Read more >

What is Course Management System? Importance of Course Management for Higher Education

Have you ever wondered how an educational institute can able to operate multiple disciplines under one roof so seamlessly? This must be a chaotic task, as every discipline has its own set of regulations and practices. Read more >

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