What is Experiential Learning and how does it work in the education sector?

What is experiential learning

We all know change is the only constant in this world and the education sector is not an exception. Learning methodologies have changed so far and today’s kids are more power-packed than ever as they have an ocean of knowledge around them. Read more >

E-Content Development Center: A Brief Guide

E-Content Development Center

The latest National Education Policy has brought several advancements in the Indian education sector. This NEP2020 is now reshaping the future of the sector with several initiatives. Setting up an E-Content Development Center is one of those initiatives which can advance the sector over the coming decades. Read more >

What is Enterprise Resource Planning? and Benefits of ERP Software

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning may not be a newbie for you, as there may be perhaps a few sectors where you may have missed this term. Almost every other sector is gaining new dimensions with this technological invention. Read more >

Spreadsheet Vs Education ERP Software – Which One Better?

Spreadsheet Vs Education ERP Software

Microsoft launched MS Excel in 1985 and since then, the application has become a part of daily life for many of us. Be it simple or complex calculations, or storing data, Excel has made it easy. In the education sector, thousands of records are updated on a daily basis referring to different bases like admin, staff, payroll, transport, and others. Read more >

Why Colleges Should Automate Examination Process?

Why Colleges Should Automate The Examination Process

Do you know not only students but college administration also become panicked when it comes to exams? Why? A lot of arrangements involving seating, exam papers, teachers’ allocation, answer sheet checking, and others make this process daunting. Read more >

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Higher Education ERP

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Higher Education ERP

Switching from a manual approach to education ERP has become a norm following its benefits. It has come to the rescue for all types of educational institutes as it perfectly transforms their requirements into features and has given bliss from a daily tiresome schedule. The processes become more complicated as education advances. Read more >

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