How Vidyalaya Student Database Management System help to Secure School’s Data?

school database management system

Schools and colleges must handle and retain a large amount of data about the activities of their students and institutions. As a result, many schools have invested in high-performance student database management software to simplify the process. Read more >

Online Examination System: A Solution to Minimize Disruption in Learning

Online Examination-System

The Indian educational system has progressed over time. Because of its scalability and cost-effectiveness, technology will continue to play an important role in the future. Read more >

Top Challenges to Manage Online Fee Management System in Educational Institutes

online fee management system

In today’s world, technology is growing at a rapid pace, In the current scenario where the employees are working from home, students are attending lectures from home, the educational institutes need to adopt and utilize online school management-based systems. Read more >

What is Timetable Management Software, and How will it help in the Educational Management System?

Timetable management software

An effective and intelligent timetable design guarantees that the school’s resources and the time kids spend in school are perfectly synergistic. Read more >

Top Recommended School Database Management Software in 2021

school database management software

Managing the school data in the current generation has become assorted, as the schools are now having multiple campus, classes, divisions, and also number of students. Read more >

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