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For schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and other educational institutes. It assists institutes to manage all administrative and academic tasks in a single integrated system. Vidyalaya School ERP provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of the school community, including school Management Administrators, Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff, Students, and Parents. It carries a user-friendly interface, advanced technology to integrate with the school process.

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Vidyalaya is a fully integrated Campus ERP to reduce manpower through seamless automation. Vidyalaya school ERP software offers the most intuitive and comprehensive functionality in the market. With over 20 years of experience, a client roster of high-profile schools and colleges. We are proud to lead the way in school management. Now it’s time to start operating your school with our solutions.

Vidyalaya offers SMS & Email Integration, Biometric Integration, Tally Integration, Mobile App, Online exam, Virtual Classroom, Online Payment, What’s App Integration & Bus Tracking System. Vidyalaya offers flexible support options for customers of all sizes. These support options provide you with the best available expertise to increase your productivity, reduce your business cost, and accelerate your processes.

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The Ultimate School ERP With Mobile App For Modern School System

Vidyalaya Campus erp App is now available with smarter technology to connect parents, students, and teachers. This school app offers the latest communication features on your mobile. It keeps parents and students updated all-time with the latest circular, news, fees, attendance, classwork, homework, and other school stuff. Quick and easy-to-use app that saves time, reduces revenue, and provides a quick result.



FAQ On School ERP

1. What is School ERP Software?

A school ERP software is a combined set of applications that integrates all major functionalities of school administration, academic, and campus management. It is a dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning software that embeds the latest technology in each section of school management like admissions, administration, academic scheduling, virtual classes, e-exams, school bus transport, event management, communication App, student portal so that all these activities are carried out efficiently. By availing of the advanced features of the system, each of the entities involved in the process gets benefited.

2. What are the benefits of Cloud-based School ERP Software?

Improved efficiency, streamlined operations and effective communications are the major benefit of the cloud-based school ERP software! A common, easy-to-use platform manages and streamlines all activities. It reduces the workload of the staff and making them more productive to look into more productive activities. The accurate processing of data makes the system efficient for managing a large volume of data with the security and safety fencing around it. The software offers all benefits of the cloud making the system a perfect fit for the now and future!

3. Why is School ERP System important for Schools?

The robust, efficient school ERP system is a great relief for the school management. It significantly reduces the workload and frees the staff from doing monotonous tasks and converting their potential into fruitful activities. The features like cost-effectiveness, automation, efficiency, ingenuity help the school administration to manage the resources better and look for the core aims of giving better education. The school ERP system manages not only the administration but also the campus and other co-relative activities like transport, event management reducing the overhead.

4. How Much Does A School Management ERP Software Cost?

The cost factor of a school management ERP software totally depends upon the requirement. As it is a comprehensive software, it covers core functionality along with complementary features. Generally, the pay per module works best while deciding the cost of the software. It enables you to pay for only those modules you want to implement in your educational institute. There are other cost deciding criteria like pay per student/month or pay annually. Generally, ERP cost in India ranges from Rs.5 per student per month to Rs. 50 per student per month depending upon features and service-support model.

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