Rely On A Reliable HR Management System And Bring Efficiency To The School Management Process!

HR Management System

Are you eager to bring out the corporate level Human Resource management in your educational institute also, then Vidyalaya is offering you the best-in-class HR management system! Surely, our proficiently designed HR management system in or without collaboration with your school ERP will bring the desired effect in implementing the HR policies.

The Organization is the key to success and HR is best in doing that! Empower your HR system with sorted software, Vidyalaya, and keep track of every minute detail. Reduce the workload of your staff from the monotonous work of updating the students, parents, teachers, and staff records with an easy interface. If you are frustrated about every month’s payroll processing? Outsource your payroll processing to management software to deliver accurate and trustworthy results. Just define the pay structure and the rest will be taken care of by Vidyalaya, HR management software!

Not able to track the employee’s leaves? The dedicated interface for employee leave management will help you to add leave-specific details to the relevant employee profile. Keep track of employee’s entire work cycle from adding it to the school database up to the resignation processing and removing the access after quitting the job with the help of efficient Vidyalaya’s HR management system.

Schools are different from corporate companies in that they have long vacations and several holidays. Our industry-specific software will help you to define, create holidays, and spread happiness among the stakeholders.

Reporting forms a strong foundation for efficient decisions, and we at Vidyalaya understand this very well. Our standard and customized reports will help your HR personnel to generate various reports and update the school management about the timely progress of the institute.

Empower your administrative staff with our own Vidyalaya HR management system and let your brand recognized all across the industry for its efficient workflows.

Key Features Of HR Management Software


Employee Database Maintenance

Vidyalaya HR Management system helps to maintain a proper data base of your employees that can help in keeping your institution transparent.


Employee Performance Management

Getting a glimpse about the 360 view of all employees and hence serving major benefits for the organization can be possible through Vidyalaya HR management software.


Employee Attendance Management

Managing Attendance records of the employee is much easier now with integrated Biometric & RFID Solutions.


Employee Payroll Management

Vidyalaya HR management software makes the payroll process very much simpler with Auto Payroll generation and Sharing Salary Slip in employee’s Mobile App for Paperless solutions.


Analytical And Documentation Management

Important Certificates Like Experience, Joining Letter, relieving letter can be generated through along with Vidyalaya HR management System.


Employee Onboard Process

Vidyalaya Recruitment Management system makes employee sorting process much easier with their bio data and candidate score storing facility for future reference


Years Experience


Happy Clients


Client Retention




Professional Trained

Benefits Of Vidyalaya HR Management Software


Improved data management of employees


Integrated Appraisal, Recruitment & Income Tax Module


Management of recruitments becomes much efficient.


Displays the effectiveness of the entire organization.


Paperless, Efficient and Smooth Payroll Processing


Mobile App based Leave Apply and Leave Approval Process

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