How can schools bring effective classroom management?


To match the variant form of learning, every school need an upgrade. As the education industry is diverting its path to move on the technology-based roadmap, every core activity needs to be transformed to meet the new conventions. Read more >

Explain Features and Benefits of Attendance Management System


There has been tremendous growth in terms of technology across the globe in multiple sectors that even include industries, the corporate world, education as well as many other diversified sectors. Read more >

Complete Guide to Online Examination Management System


During this pandemic, we have seen a significant shift in our educational system. Students can now access a variety of online learning options thanks to the internet and other cutting-edge technologies. Read more >

How Online Admission Software can help to save your Time and Personnel?


Admissions lay the foundation for further education, so they are important from the perspective of students, school administration, and parents. For school administration, admissions are the busiest period as almost all resources are highly engaged in the peak admission period directly or indirectly. Read more >

Advantages of School Transportation Management Software in School ERP Module


Going to school by public transport or take a walk or private van has become old school concept. These ways are risky and lack security for the students. Read more >

How Vidyalaya Mobile App Help Students in Assignment Management?

how-vidyalya-mobile-app-help-students-in-assignment-management-11 (1)

Before the invention of mobile app technology, we were bounded to place and time restrictions. We needed to go to the place where connecting devices are present and do the work like offices, schools, cyber cafes, and others. Read more >

What is Parent Portal Software? How It will Benefit in Current Education System?


Need of Smart ERPs: –

E-learning basically is becoming a very common trend that for all intents and purposes specifically makes education sort of for all kind of fairly much more convenient and enjoyable, which mostly & essentially is fairly significant in a basically pretty big way in a kind of contrary to popular belief, or so they generally thought. Read more >

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