What is Role of Management Information System (MIS) In Education Institutes?

What is Role Of Management Information System (MIS) In Education Institute?

We all are used to quotes that underline the importance of data like, ‘Data is new fuel’ or ‘data is the new raw material of business’. Read more >

What is OBE Outcome Based Education vs Traditional Education System?


Following the recent news of the National Board of Accreditation, only programs based on outcome based education system or OBE systems will get accredited as they meet the objective of quality assurance and core aim of disciplines such as management, engineering, etc. Read more >

What is SIS? Importance of Student Information System

What is SIS Importance of Student Information System

Technology integration has revamped the approach and methodology in much better ways. As the entire world is adopting technology to have an easy shift from manual to automation, the education industry is not an exception. Students, being the core entity in the education system, leading education software players like Vidyalaya recognized the power of data and its implementation in the business. Read more >

A Comprehensive Guide to Library Management Software


The library is the heart of the school, it’s the hub!”- Ron Black.

So true! Libraries are one of the most happening places of any educational institute, where books are sharing knowledge and students are growing with the new doors of education. Even though library operations can be counted on fingers, they are not easy as they seem. Read more >

How University Management System Make Data Analysis Easier?


The emergence of data analytics has touched every sector and refined it to achieve new dimensions that were unexplored ago. The education sector is not an exception and this latest invention has fundamentally altered the conservative ways of learning and introduced the world of new-age technological innovations in the education sector. Read more >

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