Exam Done? Let’s break the routine


Exams are over now and as summer vacation begins, kids get excited. It’s the time for which kids eagerly waiting. They imagine all the fun and wonderful things they are going to do. However, parents get worried that their kids be so full of energy or so excited that you cannot keep an eye on them or keep a check on them all the time during the school holidays? Or they will be stick to cartoons, movies or play stations all summer? Here are some activities to keep them entertained, active and happy during school holidays. Read more >

New Enhancements in Vidyalaya School App


As you all have experienced the previous modules of Vidyalaya School App now we have released a new version of School App with enhanced features. With the latest version, you can easily access the information. The user can instantly send the details to Students/Parents or Employees. Most of the tasks can be completed with a single click.

You can also refer the previous Blog to get a better view of existing features of school app, https://www.vidyalayaschoolsoftware.com/blog/2017/05/mobile-app-smarter-communicator-connects-teachers-parents Read more >

A SOLID plan to get it SURELY done-Vidyalaya Assures you 100% ROI


Student management system software has now become an integral part in the management of School’s daily activities. Starting from admission to accounting inclusive of fees, academics, assessment, timetable & all other administrative activities are managed from the Student management system software. The Complete Education System is Digitizing & so is the administration department, so investing in good school management software is so important. Read more >

Keep your Inventory Organised with Vidyalaya Inventory Management Software


As day by day, people are being advanced, so the preference for schools is also advanced. To make schools more advance, infrastructure plays an important role.

Inventory purchase is taking place in every school and playing a very major role in conducting the class every day. Read more >

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