What is the main importance of student information management system?

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Nowadays, managing a school is an information-intensive task, where school organization staff members need to manage and store student information like financial records, exam reports, admissions, attendance records, guardian details, assignment management, medical records, and numerous different things. Read more >

How Online Classroom Software is changing the current education System?

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We have seen the evolution of the education system over the years, like from Gurukul to various boards-affiliated schools. And, now from classrooms to virtual classrooms. There may be changes in the nature of education, but the essence of it remains the same. Read more >

Why Campus management Software is Good for Every Educational Institute?


The word campus brings a huge canvas of diverse things to our minds. Canvas not only relates to academic things but also sticks to non-academic things like transport, admission, events, and many more. Read more >

Best School Mobile Apps Your Institution Should Have in 2022


Mobiles are no more considered as luxury and have become the changing face of day-to-day needs. The applications specially created for mobile platforms have got worldwide scope due to the extensive use of mobile technology. Read more >

What is School Parent Portal? How It will Benefit in Current Era?


Digital tools have already occupied a significant place in our daily lives. The dependency on digital tools is increasing day by day. In the education sector also, digitalization has spread its wings and now institutes are operating their daily routines with the help of different software. Read more >

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