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Keep Track of Student’s Progress with Online Assessment Test

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Keep Track of Student’s Progress with Online Assessment Test

Keep Track of Student’s Progress with Online Assessment Test

The assessment process has never been easy! It is a combined outcome of the efforts of students, teachers, supporting staff, and school administration. A lot of resources are engaged during this process to make it more accurate and fairer. Also, do you remember the day of the evaluation? It was the D-Day for both students and teachers. It was the day when students were evaluated based on their performance and teachers were evaluated based on their students’ performance. Even after so many evolutions in the education field, the significance of assessment remains the same. But innovation has provided a technology-oriented way so that educational institutes can have more accurate and efficient assessments of their students. And, that is online assessment management software!

What is Online Assessment Management Software?

An online assessment management software is a set of programs that eliminates the necessity for physical paper submission and provides a digital platform so that students can complete and submit their tests. This system reduces workload drastically and enables teachers to upload, share, and track assignments. Students submit these assignments online and teachers provide grades and share feedback with parents and students. 

The online assessment management software works on multiple platforms like cloud, web, and mobile. Along with powerful tool integration, this software can improve communication between tutors and students. The automation of the assessment process will improve accuracy and will accomplish the process faster. 

How does an Online Assessment Management System keep track of Students’ Progress?

An online assessment management system is there for keeping track of students’ progress and it really improves the entire process. Understand how its features help to accomplish it:

Proctored Examination:

When an online assessment system was introduced, many claimed that it cannot compete with manual methods as exams are invigilated by teachers. But this flaw is also sorted out by an online system by offering proctored exams. Through this, educational institutes can maintain the authenticity of the entire exam system. The continuous proctoring enables teachers to have an eye on students so that they cannot take advantage of being at remote locations. Additionally, live streaming of the entire process enables recording students’ behavior and the audio-video feature will help teachers to analyze it. Also, to restrict browser checking, you can ask for browser control mechanism integration and refrain students from cheating in the exam. So, through the online assessment system, educational institutes can take the exam process to the next efficient level which is the need of the hour. 

Organized Question Bank:

Previous year’s question papers are important for both students and teachers as they can state the type of the entire question paper along with weightage. But the manual method of maintaining old question papers is too tedious and inefficient. So, if all question papers are stored and maintained digitally, the question bank will serve many benefits. Teachers can refer to this comprehensive digital question bank which includes questions and can have multimedia options. With the online assessment management software, teachers just need to refer to this question bank and come up with a full-fledged question paper. 

Different Types of Assessment Patterns:-

In the manual assessment method, it is tough to embed different types of assessment questions in a single question paper. Teachers must look for different types, their weightage, and also the evaluation. All these problems get solutions without bearing overhead when institutes implement online assessment test. Teachers need to select the type of question and software will automatically prepare the structure of the question paper. Teachers can select from a wide range of summative assessment and formative assessment questions and can evaluate students’ knowledge properly. The automated assessment process will reduce the burden on teachers and will enable different types of assessment patterns to be included in the question paper. 

Real-time Notifications:

One of the major flaws of the traditional assessment systems is that teachers use paper-based methods to convey about latest updates. With online assessment management software, teachers will send exam notifications through SMS or email to parents’ registered numbers. These real-time notifications will cut the risk of being unknown as information is conveyed from authorized sources to parents. Students do not need to check out notice boards as they will get all important updates on mobile. With this effective medium, parents can play an active role in their ward’s academic life. 

Auto Evaluation:

Even after exams are over for students, teachers need to spend several sleepless nights evaluating those answer sheets. When students practice online assessment, answer sheets are automatically evaluated and report cards are prepared. In manual mode, students are not able to access the answer sheets once they submit them. But in the online assessment test, students can check their own correct answer sheet and tally their scores. Also, the instant evaluation and faster report card preparation will reduce the waiting time for students. 

Online education has seen speedup especially during and after the pandemic. Educational institutes are insisting on online assessment tests as a strong alternative for students and teachers as the method brings more advantages as compared to the manual counterpart of it. Even though investment in technology, careful planning, preparation, and execution are needed for the successful implementation of the online assessment method, the outcomes after it is worth the effort. Vidyalaya contributes to this journey with its proficient online assessment management system. Our software has a wide range of features including facial recognition, a secure browser, and online proctoring to ensure a safe and fair exam experience for the students. Never hesitate to call us or drop us a mail for more details! Let’s collaborate together to have a more accurate assessment and more power to students’ future!

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