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School Accounting Software

Fed up of errors in school accounting? Are you spending most of your time tallying the ledgers at the end of every financial year? Let us take the leverage to introduce our own Vidyalaya’s school accounting software to erase all calculation errors and automate the accounting process. Spend less time in bookkeeping and invest this time in making your school grow in an upward direction!

Dumping the dated method of maintaining records in books, ledgers and adopting the digitalized way of accounting is the need of the hour. Are you ready to be part of the race? Experience the reduced workload from day one of the implementations and also feel the smooth customer experience with the easy interfaces.

Make the school accounting a slice of the butter by integrating your school management software with Vidyalaya’s award-winning school finance management software. No more worries about the paper trail at the time of auditing. The organized and secure management of all expenses and income sources will allow you to breathe easily.

Look at Vidyalaya’s school accounting software as a powerful tool for managing monetary transactions in the most convenient way. Managing different accounts under one roof is now possible with this software.

Integrate the pay wallets in your school management system and let the parents experience less overhead of carrying cash or cheque. But facilitate those parents also who are still using the old methods for fee payments with the same school finance management software.

Keep all standard and customized finance reports at fingertip away with a dedicated interface for reporting. Present your strong financial status with equally trustworthy software!

Vidyalaya understands the pivotal role of finance in the education sector very well and thus our domain expertise in school ERP will also contribute to offering the best-in-class school accounting software. Implement the software and make your educational accounting process compliance proof.

Key Features Of School Finance Management Software


Auto Sync With The Student's Fees Records

The school accounting software is configured with students fees records, all the transactions of the accountant entries and even online payment get synced with accounting


Managing All Types Of Vouchers

The accountants can effortlessly manage all different type of Ledgers and Vouchers (Debit or Payment Voucher, Credit or Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher, Contra Voucher)


Data Accuracy

Vidyalaya accounting System software gives you an up-to-date, Accurate Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss sheet, Trial balance, Income & Expenditure


Reports For Auditing The Voucher Entries

The management team and auditor can inspect, monitor, and analyze the complete financial transactions of their campuses with the help of incredible school accounting software.


Manage The Bank Reconciliation Procedures Quickly

Using the ledger filters the accountant can clear the Cheque and also get the balance track here. Hence all the cheque clear voucher process can be done in the system only.


Maintain The Income And Expenditure Data

All the profit and loss details of the overall transactions can be tracked with net profit summaries, so that accountant can check it regularly and report it if necessary.


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Benefits Of School Finance Management System


Simple, convenient and fast data entry process of the vouchers.


Great financial reports for better decision-making.


Accurate school finance management systems reduce human errors.


Control students accounting of payments, refunds, adjustments, and scholarships.


General ledgers, year ending, and standard financial statements.


Saves time like approval of invoices and cash disbursements

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