Education sector Union budget 2018 India


Education is important for a country to grow. Education sector plays a vital role whether it is economically or socially. In India, education has improved a lot. However, it’s time to transform it digitally. It is need of this digitalized era to make it more straightforward, versatile and digitally empowered. Read more >

Vidyalaya – An easy way to manage your tuition class


Academic Coaching Institutes are becoming more and more popular as the schooling system becomes increasingly competitive. These days joining a coaching institute has become a common practice in our lifestyle. A lot of Students enroll themselves into these coaching institutes with the hope of achieving success. Read more >

8th March 2018: International Women’s day-What to expect from Society?


Women’s Day is just tomorrow & everywhere we see people posting stuff on social media, talking & discussing about women empowerment, their equality & their freedom. But is it enough just doing it for a day?

Women’s Empowerment is more to give to her by oneself not when she has to fight for it. Read more >

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