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Are you still among the school managements who spend sleepless nights at every academic yearend? Still worried about the hassles involved in manual admission systems? Not able to balance your staff between new admissions and readmissions?

Here, we have a tailor-made solution for you! Vidyalaya Online admission system that will eliminate the hassles and errors of manual admission system. The full-proof system will cover all the aspects of school admission either in a joint venture of any school management system or individual. Let not shake the trust and reliability of parents and offer them an out-of-world admission system that will facilitate the easy process of admission.

No more long queues for admission forms or application submissions! The well-crafted process of the Vidyalaya admission management system will give you the best-in-class features where students will get all admission-related crafts like application form, registration date, end date, list of documents in one place only. Integration with a robust payment gateway will handle the chores of application and admission fee payment.

If you are worried about how the documents submitted to be handled appropriately by retaining the trust of the applicants, then let the Vidyalaya cloud-based admission system will resolve this issue for you! The high-level security woven around the entire online admission system and massive data generated throughout the process will keep it intact and secure from all types of vulnerabilities. The role-based access will protect unauthorized access to data and applications.

The ultra-modern school admission management system is capable of meeting the demands of every stakeholder with its features. Let your school management breathe easily even during peak admission season with the featured Vidyalaya admission management system. Just rely on the technology-driven admissions and build your educational institute, a trustworthy brand name.

Key Features Of School Admission Management System

  • Student Inquiry Management With Online Inquiry Form
  • Take admission inquiries online through online entry link which can be put on website or social media page. The data will be automatically submitted into the software.

  • Inquiry Follow-Ups & Bulk SMS And Mailing
  • After taking inquiries online, manage the data into the software and take follow-ups of the students according to the date. Even send bulk SMS or E-mail alerts to the students.

  • Online Application Form Filling And Submission
  • Students can find the forms online on website of the school. They can fill the form and then submit it there only. The system will automatically take their form and update the data.

  • Merit Based Short Listing Of Candidates
  • Shortlist the students according to their merit marks and grades and set their further discussion dates and sort them again according to the category.

  • Student Registration And Record Management
  • Register interested students into the software directly and maintain their data in a more manageable way without doing extra effort and with less human errors.

  • Eliminates Paper Admission Procedures
  • Directly enter the data of interested students into the software and avoid to follow old admission processes. Reduce the use of paper and manage complete data online.


Benefits Of School Admission Management System

  • Avoid hassle of paperwork in admission process and manage data online
  • Reduce Manual intervention and steer clear of the human errors
  • Shortlist the desired students according to the criteria of the school
  • Get real-time reports of the students according o the data inside the software
  • Avoid unnecessary longs queue for the admissions
  • Improve productivity of your administration and counselling staff
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