School Database Management System

Database, management, keywords are scaring you? Don’t have any knowledge about how to manage the massive data generated in different school processes? Or looking for a reliable management solution to manage your data and keep it organized? Vidyalaya’s school database management system is the one-stop solution for all your questions.

An outstanding database management system will remove all flaws of the traditional paper-based data management systems and give a picture-perfect solution for all database-related problems. Increased communication, streamlined operations, simplified all core processes, efficient and data-centric reporting are some of the striking features of our leading school database management system released by Vidyalaya.

Students are a prime stakeholder of any educational institute. All system activities are woven directly or indirectly around them only. So, our campus ERP is the ultimate solution for your student database management system worries. Let the core entity of your institution take advantage of ultra-age facilities like faster fee payment, simplified online admission process, faster attendance system. Enhance their learning experience by offering them world-class features so that they will step into the digital world with full confidence and responsibility.

Let your staff and your higher management get the ease in scheduling the various events every year, get the automatic timetable every year with the help of a new-age school database management system. Give the joy of relaxation to the parents also by offering them the latest features of the school management system like daily attendance, transport updates, report card details, event updates.

Streamline and manage your enormous school data keeping it intact with the extra layer of security with the help of Vidyalaya’s school database management system. Forget the hassles in maintaining your data organized and structured for various purposes and just take the leverage of the advanced, dedicated systems designed by the ultimate team of domain experts.

Key Features Of Student Database Management System

  • Extremely Secure And Reliable
  • Manually saved information is far less safe and dependable than a cloud-based student database management solution. Furthermore, role-based access protects your extremely confidential data from illegal access.

  • Minimizes Paperwork
  • You may easily manage students' personal records with the help of a student database management system. It keeps a computerized record of student information, which reduces paperwork.

  • Supervise Multiple Branches With Ease
  • A student database management system assists you in managing different branches of your school so that you can provide a consistent learning environment for your pupils.

  • Helps Build A Supportive Alumni Network
  • Alumnus of the school play an important role in assisting students obtain placements. Talented alumni serve as mentors and offer career advice to students in addition to help with employability.

  • Use Of Convenient Apps
  • Given the prevalence of smartphones as everyday drivers, any school administration software worth its salt must include applications.

  • User-Friendly UI
  • Any software that is to be successful must have a user interface that is simple to use and well-designed.


Benefits Of Student Database Management System

  • Student Database Management system streamlines the activities that needs to be performed
  • It helps for a better communication between parents and the teachers
  • A Student Database Management System increases your security of data
  • Keep the parents updated for the events & activities happening in the schools
  • Generate multiple reports with the data entered in the Database
  • Keep parents in the loop so that the latter remains informed about their ward’s performance
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