Online Payment Gateway

Among the current computer savvy Indian environment, E-Payments is increasingly becoming the chosen way to pay. Being instantaneous, safe and convenient, users are swiftly moving to digital option for multiple choices of payment – through bank accounts, credit or debit cards, prepaid cards and e-Wallets. With Internet Payments rising as one of the most user-friendly payment options in the recent times it is in high demand for the parent for online payment of school fees also to make payment online for their ward’s school fee.

Vidyalaya facilitates the online payment for school fees and makes the fee collection process digitalized. Parents no need to wait in the queue for paying the fees. They can pay the fees anytime, anywhere. The school ERP sends the reminder for fee payment to parents’ mobile. The secure payment gateway ensures the parents’ sensitive data protection. The easy-to-use process makes the payment process apt for all. Vidyalaya provisions all types of online payments including credit, debit, and e-wallets along with the cash option.


Features Of Vidyalaya - Online School Fees Payment System

  • Guarantees Customer Personal Data Protection
  • It Has Ease Of Access And Use.
  • Effective Fraud Prevention.
  • PCI-DSS v2.0 Certified Gateway Which Is A Global Security Benchmark In The Payment Services Industry.
  • Enabling Credit, Debit & Cash / Pre-paid Cards And E-Wallets over internet for payment processing
  • Online Payment Confirmation to customers and different intermediators
  • Improve School Management operations with advanced functions
  • Enabling Net Banking with all major banks over internet for payment processing
  • Consolidated Dashboard & Reports
  • Additional Layer Of Security due to implementation of OTP (One time password)

Benefits Of Vidyalaya In Online School Fees Payment System

  • Real-time transactions and payments
  • Secure transactions
  • Save time and money by not reaching out physically to school(in benefits)
  • Comfort, ease, convenience

Our Client Says

Why Institutes Love Vidyalaya School ERP System?


After using our own customised ERP for many years, but we were somehow not satisfied & were searching for a software that meets our ...

Ms. Suprabha Menon

Principal(CBSE) Navrachana Education Society, Vadodara


Vidyalaya relieves our Staff from the heaps of efforts & work they have to put in managing all the activities manually.It also helps our Parents to ...

Mr. Vatsal Vaishnav

Director, Nirma Vidyavihar,


Regardless of Price & features, what a School will require the most is SUPPORT & Vidyalaya provides us with that. No doubt, Vidyalaya is an ...

Ms. Ekta Patel

Principal, Jay Jalaram International School,


We were since long looking for a solution that helps us to go paperless & cashless at the same time & reduces our manual workload.Vidyalaya provides ...

Ms. Mayuri Vasani

Director, R.P Vasani International School,


Being associated with PP Savani Abrama, a leading & innovative organisation of Gujarat it was never easy for us to manage all directorial ...

Mr. Jaimin Rajyaguru

Director, P.P Savani School,


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