Top 10 Undoubted Reasons to go for Vidyalaya institute management software

  • An institute management software  is a platform for various schools to manage everything right from school admission to alumni also manages every school functions and processes and yes that includes from parents to students to educators to non-academic staff or management. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should go for one. Read more >

Let’s see what’s new in Vidyalaya – The best ERP software for schools!!!

“What leads and drags the world are not machines but ideas”.

  • With that note, we are pleased to announce that our new version of Vidyalaya has been released which includes class status batch-wise, Circular based on Principal/HOD’s Approval, Custom search, Employee 360’view and history, Dashboards of Certificate, Fees, Admission, Biometric. Read more >

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