Advantages of Implementing a Timetable Management System

Advantages of Implementing a Time Table Management System

Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.”- Miles Davis.

The importance of time has never changed and is applicable at any phase of life. But the importance of time happens to be at its peak in the student’s life where the actual life journey starts. Schools are the best place where discipline and the significance of time can be taught in better words and ways. Read more >

What Is Transcript Of Records? Academic Transcript For Schools & Colleges

Transcript Of Records

Restricting yourself to get a degree from nearby or colleges within the country has been an old-school thing. Students are now breaking geographical boundaries easily to pursue their dreams. Are you dreaming of flying abroad for higher education? Read more >

Cognitive Learning Theory? Benefits & Strategies of Cognitive Theory

Cognitive Learning Theory Benefits & Strategies of Cognitive Theory

From ancient Gurukul-based education to the latest virtual classroom-based learning, the education sector has evolved a lot. Yes, we know change is the only constant. But one thing that has remained common since the birth of education is learning by knowledge. Read more >

Why MIS Reports play an essential role For Educational Institutes?

Why MIS Reports play essential role For Educational Institute

You must have come across MIS well before this. It is not a new concept and rather comes along with reporting references. Today’s educational institutes depend on technological tools to run and manage the daily routine. Read more >

Benefits of Using Academic Bank of Credits for Education Institutions

Benefits of Using Academic Bank of Credits for Education Institutions

Heard the news from UGC saying over 1 crore students registered in ABC or making ABC ID mandatory for university admissions in 2023? Wondered what is this ABC? Education across the globe is going through several revisions and upgrades, and ABC, or academic bank of credits is one of such advanced concepts. Read more >

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