Functionality of 5 Modules of School Management Software


Hi all, so Diwali is gone and so our vacation time. Everybody is back to daily routine, students back to schools and I am back to my desk. So first thing we had was analysis meeting regarding the survey our marketing team performed before Diwali in different schools regarding the school Management software and the modules or integration they are using, so as result…continue reading →

Guidelines released on reducing school bag’s weight


It’s almost six years, I completed my schooling and if there is anything I hate about it is carrying or should I say dragging my loaded school bag on my shoulder. Carrying school bag is one of the things students don’t like, but they can’t do anything specifically to get rid of it. Schools and the government had debated a lot on this but none of the implementation we observed.

But recently on 28th October 2016…continue reading →