School Fees Management System

Listening to complaints about long queues from parents in every PTA is a common scenario in your school? Or your staff is buried under the files of fee structure of different grades during the peak fee payment weeks? Release the pressure by gifting them an automated school fees management system by Vidyalaya.

Break the rule of parents standing in the queue for paying the fees or getting some fee-related information, instead, give them a reliable substitute that will allow them to pay the fees by sitting in their comfort zone. Eliminate the need of coming to school for paying fees or receiving receipts. Send the fee receipts immediately after paying fees without any demand letter or application.

Also, backup your higher management to get exact insights of the school fees management system by facilitating standard and customized reports at their fingertips. The higher management can take effective and efficient decisions by getting rapid reports whenever they are in need.

If you doubting about the safety of online transactions, then do not hesitate, Vidyalaya has provided the best data security and safety features to the school fees management software. The cloud-based system enriches the security of the system with an advanced level.

Many of your parents forget to pay the fees on time, and you are ending with frequent rejected calls! Seek another decent option that will work for both parties without disturbing the respective routine. Send the fees payment reminders before the due date, on the due date, and on the prolonged due date.

Let our school fees management software manage your different bank accounts that are scattered in different banks. The friction-free management of all these accounts will allow you to breathe easily in auditing sessions also.

Couple your school management software with school fees management system and showcase your reliance on providing high-end solutions for all stakeholders.

Features Of Vidyalaya School Fees Management Software

  • Customizable Fee Setup
  • Vidyalaya school fees management system allows the institute to set up its fees in accordance with each department or class as well as student wise also, it can be set up.

  • Easy Receipt Generation
  • Receipts can be easily generated according to the exact amount and a track about the pending and paid fees can be maintained quite smoothly through Vidyalaya school fees management software.

  • Fee Refund Management
  • Vidyalaya school fees management software provides options to refund the fees in a very simple way, student wise as well as in bulk hence making the task for management quite simple.

  • Online Fee Collection
  • The online payment gateway integration of Vidyalaya school fees management system creates multiple options for fee collection from different parts of the country through parents.

  • Dashboard Analysis
  • The option of summary dashboard in Vidyalaya school fees Management software makes it very transparent to have a Look at the fee collection records of any particular time.

  • Individual Fee Check-up
  • Vidyalaya school fees management system provides the facility to keep an eye on individual fee payments and also allows sending auto alerts to the students whose fees remain pending.


Benefits Of Vidyalaya School Fees Management Software

  • Gives a scope of proper revenue management
  • Proper transparency in fee collection
  • Multiple options for fee categorization
  • Ease in account management of institute
  • Alerts in case of pending fees or bounced cheques
  • Management of multiple receipt books easily
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