Our Approach

We have a product, people and processes to implement the School Management System successfully. We focus on providing prompt and professional support to manage problems and concerns. Vidyalaya is the full product with the critical implementation, installation and training expertise to drive your institute successfully. Our focus is on helping you maximize your investment in our technology.


Business Process Analysis

Vidyalaya School Management System team have rich analysis and implementation experience. During a Business Process Analysis, they take an in-depth look at current business processes, business workflow and pain points, gap analysis, and to understand detailed metrics and reporting needs. At the conclusion of the BPA, we recommend best practices based on industry standards as well as consultant expertise.


Sapphire adheres to a strict implementation methodology to maximize acceptance and take-up of the Vidyalaya solution. Each project has an Implementation Manager who co-ordinate resources required by the organization as well as our own technical and implementation resources. This ensures that the system is delivered to exact requirements. The Sapphire implementation manager is responsible for :

  • Leading the planning and configuration of all project deliverables in line with your objectives
  • Managing the agreed work plan and project review meetings
  • Ensuring the quality of the implementation
  • Managing project change requests

User Adoption & Training

We have designed structured, hands-on training programs to meet the specific learning needs of different groups of user. User training is organized into a series of training sessions carefully designed to meet the learning needs of individual users. A wide variety of training options are available like

  • New User/End User Training - Formalized 'hands-on' instructions for groups of primary users
  • "How-To" training demonstrates general use of the new solution, including entering data, running reports
  • "Train-the-Trainer" Program - An intensive program of training designed for staff required to train end user
  • Module Specific Training
  • Refresher Courses

Client Community & Support

We are dedicated to provide world class level of service, and we operate under a Service Level Agreement which defines what to expect. All clients have access to Vidyalaya helpdesk support. You can rely on us to provide prompt, friendly assistance. The support center staff are fully trained Vidyalaya professionals in-house at the Sapphire head office. This means that your contact within the support center can effectively respond to your system questions and can quickly access the resources needed for rapid resolution of more complicated issues.


Account Management

Vidyalaya also follows an established standard for project management. From the initial project start-off, to development of the project planning and to delivery.Vidyalaya assigns an account manager (AM) to each client. The AM is personal representative at Vidyalaya, who will work closely with client to promote ongoing and effective communication.Following implementation, a Sapphire Account Manager will work with the client to assist with queries and any further requirements that may arise. Regularly Account Managers will communicate with clients, to maintain a long-term understanding of the business and address any issues that arise. He shares news about new and future developments in Vidyalaya functionality, including improvement to the existing platform or the development of new modules.

Development & Upgrades

Vidyalaya is continually enhanced around a structured program of development, which includes feedback from clients, user groups, and best practice from education sectors. Feedback is collected and reviewed, by which development schedules are planned accordingly. Instead of major releases we operate an incremental update strategy which enables us to be more responsive to customer requirements. Updates typically occur several times a year once they have passed through our development, testing and QA processes.