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What is Student Parent Portal and What are the benefits of it?

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What is Student Parent Portal and What are the benefits of it?

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As everyone is shifting to online business, the education industry is also shifting its base from chalk and talk to online. After automated school management, the sector expectation increased and virtual or online classes are adopted, still, there are more expectations and a full-fledged student-parent portal is released. After the outbreak of Covid-19, the entire learning process is digitalized.

So, to sustain in the throat-cutting competition, the educational institute needs to offer something extra. Offering a student parent portal is one of the things that the institute can stand ahead of its competitors. Vidyalaya will help you to achieve this without spending too much effort.

What is a student-parent portal?

A student-parent portal is a platform offered to major stakeholders of the educational system that facilitates them to get detailed information and facilities they require on an efficient basis. This will engage the parents in your ward’s education journey and keep you informed about different activities happening in the school.

Parents as major stakeholders need to have information about activities like:

  • Online fee payment
  • Academic calendar
  • Communication with teachers or management
  • The academic progress of the ward
  • Notification centre

If the school offers a one-stop destination platform for all these tasks, it will be beneficial for them. The parent portal is the destination where parents can get everything, they need to access the academic details of their ward at once.

Why one should insist to have a student-parent portal?

New generation parents have no time to visit the schools for getting academic details or waiting in the long queues for just paying fees or getting receipts because of their hectic schedule. They would prefer the provision made by the schools and they get whatever they want at their fingertips in a digitalized format. Vidyalaya has recognized this new generation’s need and crafted the product specifically for the education sector.

Here are the benefits offered by the student-parent portal that becomes the reason behind the insist:

Instant access to information

The parent portal is the one-stop solution for all types of queries regarding the academic routine. The portal contains detailed information about:

  • Admission process
  • Academic calendar
  • Events
  • Homework
  • Exam schedule

The portal will surely help parents to know about their ward’s progress and be updated.

Effective medium of communication

Interaction between school management and parent has gained tremendous importance in this fast-paced life. New-age parents are more willing to be an active part of their ward’s academic journey rather than remain as an ATM for paying fees. They do active participation in events preparation, sports, academic routines so that they know how their wards are progressing. To accomplish this effectively, they are dependent on teachers or schools to get thorough information. Calling or texting to teachers is not effective so Vidyalaya brings out this new generation-suited student-parent portal where they can get connected to teachers, school management, and get the required information from authorized sources.

One-stop solution for all student-related needs

There are different activities going on throughout the academic year like assignment submission, internal evaluation, project submission, events, and many more. There are many reasons by which students can miss out on the information circulated in the classrooms. To get the information, they need to depend on their classmates or on teachers. One cannot guarantee that they will get all the information within the time once they missed. This can affect their grades.

Vidyalaya will ease the life of students by introducing a student portal where they need to log in with their details and will get the all required information in one place. The single location will take care of all assignments, course material, announcements so that students can manage various activities from a single account.

No more long waiting queues

Paying fees or getting receipts is a time-consuming task for either parents or students. The long-stranded queues can waste much manpower, time, effort. Also, handling cash can be risky as it has chances of getting stolen or lost.

Vidyalaya will give you a break from handling cash and remove your leg pain as you can pay fees by sitting in your comfort zone anytime, anywhere with the help of the student-parent portal. The portal will make the fee payment a few clicks tasks as compared to a few hours’ tasks on a manual basis.

Transparency and control

The information shared orally or in written format has several drawbacks like data can be lost, misinterpreted, or requires money, takes a long time to reach maximum audiences. When information is shared digitally on the authorized parent portal by the school administration, there are no chances of getting confused.

Vidyalaya will help school administration to set flexible settings if they want to show specific information for specific parents’ groups. The flexibility and control offered by the system are impeccable. So having a student parent portal is needed for today’s education institutes also.

Secured access

Data acts as fuel in today’s data-driven world. So, it needs to be protected from unauthorized access. The grades, assignments, other vital information need to be stored safely. Vidyalaya will help school management to offer an unbeatable solution for data storing concerns. The secured student portal will keep the information safe and will grant access to only authorized users.

The role-based security and reliable backups will ensure that student data is in safe hands and can be retrieved when it is needed. The role-based access will eliminate the possibility of accessing data by unauthorized users.

Parent engagement is one of the measures of any educational institute’s success as it is directly connected to student success. As the role of parents in their ward’s educational journey has changed with time and good to know that it is improved. So, it is important that the institute should offer an advanced platform where students, parents can get everything they need. Vidyalaya with its student-parent portal lets the educational institutions provide an engaging platform for parents. This portal will improve the relationship between parents and school management and apparently will result in the institute’s growth.

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