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Role of School Mobile App in Education Management Systems

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Role of School Mobile App in Education Management Systems

School Mobile App

The invention of smartphones transformed our lives by almost 360 degrees. Now phones are not merely used for calling or sending messages. Most of our daily routine is managed through these palm-sized gadgets, right from paying bills and attending workout routines, to managing office meetings. All these tasks are handled through dedicated mobile apps which allow the users to work from anywhere, anytime with the help of their smartphones. No wonder, the education sector has been influenced by technology. School Mobile App development has seen the surprising peak of all time, especially during and after the pandemic. Managing school workflows has never been easy, but with the help of the right apps, users can enjoy a smooth ride.

Before the Era of School Mobile Apps!

It may look like a nightmare today, but there were actual days when there was no school app at all! Either manual or ERP solutions were there to manage the daily operations. People used to manage workflows using web applications and were bound to laptops and computers to operate. There was no freedom or flexibility from where they wanted to work and when they wanted to work. Let us just summarize the pre-mobile app era:

  • Users cannot work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Less engaging and monotonous way of learning. 
  • Users need to have laptops or computers to operate and access the web application. 
  • Less efficiency in workflow management
  • Decision-makers may feel less adaptable with application handling.
  • No ease of access
  • Poor communication

 Post School Mobile App Era!

The above scene has changed completely after the invention of the school management app. With the help of the app, all stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators enjoy a completely new and engaging learning experience. Let us explore what changes happen after the invention of the school management app:

  • Users can access the app using mobile, laptops, computers, and tablets anywhere, anytime.
  • They can get instant insights into the workflows using the school mobile app
  • Parents can get instant notifications about fee updates, transport updates, results, and activities happening in the school.
  • No need to visit and wait for several operations like admissions, inquiries, fee receipts, fee payment, result declarations, etc.
  • Get instant and accurate reports on your mobile itself.
  • Exciting, engaging, and colourful journey of learning. 
  • Integration with other systems like Learning management systems, will facilitate learners with personalized learning.

Benefits of Using a School Mobile App!

No wonder these cool and trendy school mobile apps transform monotonous study and exams! Undoubtedly, students are more aligned towards mobile phones and thoughtfully designed school mobile apps can improve engagement and attract learners to explore learning and let the aim of learning become successful. Adopting this futuristic approach of having an app envelops several benefits for all stakeholders. Let us explore some benefits:

1. Ease of Access and Convenience:

One of the major benefits of having a school management app is easy accessibility and convenience. Stakeholders can access the app from anywhere, anytime just with the help of their mobiles. This ease of access was never before the invention of school apps. This convenience will greatly impact the productivity and efficiency of the users and can yield better results.

2. Improved Engagement Factor:

It has become challenging day by day to increase the engagement factor in learning. Several complex topics make the learning monotonous and this can lead to disinterest in studies. This complexity can be reduced if innovative methods are implemented. It can explain the concepts with the help of videos, audio, graphics, text, or animation so that it will be easier for students to comprehend. Also, not all students are the same, so students with slow learning capabilities can revisit the lectures and hold on to the concepts by revising them.

3. Personalized Learning:

Personalized learning is one of the greatest benefits offered by a school app. It analyzes the students’ capabilities and data; a school app customizes the journey according to it. This tailor-made assistance helps students to grow better and generate improved learning outcomes. This also offers adaptive learning techniques that identify individual students’ strengths and weaknesses.

4. Efficient Communication:

Communication among the stakeholders has never been smooth and faster before the technology adoption. As we all know communication drives education easily, and improving this aspect becomes very significant for educational institutes. School App integrates various communication channels like social media, SMS, calls, chat rooms, notifications, etc. to establish easy communication. It also facilitates teachers and learners to bridge the communication gap by providing a framework and helping them to expand the learning experience. For example, teachers can design and upload assessments online using a learning management system. Learners can access it, solve it, and upload it back into the system for evaluation.

5. Round-the-Clock Availability:

Gone are the days when learning was restricted by school timings. Now, the best school mobile app removes all the restrictions and barriers that limit learning. Students can learn at any point in time with the recorded lectures at their own pace. With improved engagement with mobiles, students can have viable and interesting sessions that help them to learn and retain information.

6. Reduction In Cost:

We all know that remote learning is far more efficient in terms of cost, effort, energy, and manpower than conventional learning. With the help of a school management app, students can learn from their homes, saving time and the cost of travelling. This saved time can be utilized in some productive activities for learning and assimilation. Also, integrated assessment modules can help teachers upload assessments that can be accessed by students and they can upload back after completion. This efficiency can make them more productive and let them enjoy the pure joy of learning that they deserve.

Final Thoughts!

A recent survey has proved that educational mobile apps are ranked third most downloaded entities at the rate of 8.47% for all verticals. This shows that there is promising growth in this and this is the correct time to ride on the wave. Since the digitalization of education is a must for today’s new-age students, educational institutes must be ready to drop the conservative approach and adopt the futuristic one-of-school management app.

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