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Best School Mobile Apps Your Institution Should Have in 2022

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Best School Mobile Apps Your Institution Should Have in 2022


Mobiles are no more considered as luxury and have become the changing face of day-to-day needs. The applications specially created for mobile platforms have got worldwide scope due to the extensive use of mobile technology. The benefits are luring so the software development industry is experiencing the paradigm shift from web development to mobile application development. Like any other industry, the education domain is also moving towards digitalization and automation. So, along with the school website, having a school mobile app is the need of the hour.

The features and provisions provided by a mobile app will take the developers to the next level and will ease the users to use it from anywhere, anytime. Vidyalaya is one of the promising players of the education software providers that releases its out-of-the-world product with diverse advanced features.

Have a look at the benefits of having a featured school mobile app:

  • Stakeholders can access the data and application without depending upon device, time, and location barriers.
  • The systematic and comprehensive approach will explore the school’s core functionalities in a better way.
  • A well-crafted school parent app can improve the communication between school-parent-teacher-students.
  • It will reduce the wastage of resources in terms of money, energy, paper, manpower.

With the advancement of time, parents are looking for an educational institute for their child that has global exposure. Apart from offering the necessary things, having a pre-owned mobile app for school management has become a prestigious symbol to show. So, if you want to sustain yourself in this throat-cutting competition, you need to think out-of-the-box. Facilitating stakeholders with the app will streamline the underlying processes and give you an X-factor.

After the outbreak of the Here are some top mobile apps that every educational institute should have in 2022:


If experts’ opinion is to be considered, the top-notch position will be awarded to the Vidyalaya. It is the complete package of the school management software. The development company has already set new trends in the education sector with its innovative ideas and features that are embedded in its product. You just speak the feature and Vidyalaya will show you it in their app! Starting from elementary school management to advanced vehicle tracking to biometric attendance or online exams, you need to look for outside the app once you installed it on your device.

Extra-ordinary features of the Vidyalaya’s school mobile app will surely turn you to get it installed:

  • The user-friendly UI is the best feature delivered by Vidyalaya so that stakeholders at any level can use the app fluently.
  • Get all the important updates like exam schedule, fee reminders, attendance, homework notification as to the app notification. In short, it is a complete mobile app for school management.
  • Save your time and resources and get access to data and applications without bearing the location and time boundaries.
  • One can see improved communication between school management and parents, parents and teachers, teachers and students as they are sharing the common platform for their day-to-day work.
  • Pay your fees online with the secured payment gateway integration. The fee reminders will let you make the provision of fees to avoid the fine after the due date.
  • Users can access multiple modules like events, results, attendance, assignments, and others from the common platform. This is so relaxing for working parents to take a snick look into their ward’s academic routine.


Dedicated software for the education domain will serve the basic purpose of connecting students with the resources they required to get success. The school-parent apps that are designed for improving the interaction between the major stakeholders are popular as the working routine of parents has been changed and they hardly get enough time to have a face-to-face discussion with teachers.

So, the feature of Remind is connection-oriented:

  • The app is easy to use just like sending a text message.
  • Effective two-way communication will matter to the students most.
  • Send the inevitable messages to parents and students so that they cannot claim to miss them out.
  • Partnership along with leading learning platforms like Google Drive, Google Classrooms, Canvas, etc.


One can stay updated and informed with the Blackboard school mobile app. The influencing a synchronous web conferencing feature will let you get the exact feel of having a physical presence in the virtual classes. This app will enable the management to conduct the tests, mock exams.

Answers to the question like why one should choose this app to lay in following points:

  • One can quickly view updates to your courses and content
  • Conduct the assignments, tests for various classes.
  • Students/parents can view the marks obtained for assignments, tutorials, tests.
  • One can join the collaborative sessions on the go!


It is one of the popular school mobile apps that one should look at in 2022. The app is a complete package for all your institute’s educational needs. The app helps to stay connected with every stakeholder. With this school parent app, school administration can be in touch with parents by sending push notifications, auto-notification for major events.

Dig more about the features in the below list:

  • Content and CMS integration
  • Push notifications feature for informing all community members without opening the app.
  • The newsfeed will facilitate the parents, staff, students with a one-stop destination for all aggregated news.
  • Calendars will be synchronized with school and district calendars.
  • Contacts of administrators, teachers, and school staff.


The way of learning has been changed from rulers and scales to game-based learning. The Kahoot app delivers an engaging learning experience.

Take a glance at inviting features:

  • Teachers can introduce new topics, assess prior knowledge in a more fun-based way.
  • They can review the content by identifying the topics that require follow-ups and improve the students’ learning.
  • Can host games via videoconferencing or they can send self-paced games to better improve the connection with students who are away from the school.
  • More rewards after accomplishing the chapters or stages.

Learning and innovation are synonyms for each other. Students learning at school surely take inspiration from the institute. If they have an advanced and ahead-of-the-time ideal in front of them, their innovation will surely get wings. Depending upon the education institute’s requirements and vision of the management, the best School App in India will let you upgrade and be fit for the future.

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