Faculty Management System

Enhance Faculty Management System in your institute with Vidyalaya

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Enhance Faculty Management System in your institute with Vidyalaya

Faculty Management System

Despite the changing nature of education, the need for a good faculty system remains constant. Educational institutes are incomplete without experienced faculties, as they are the first to confront students on a daily basis. So, managing faculty becomes a must-to-do task for education institutes. According to NEP 2020, India is aiming to increase the students educating per year, so there will be a huge demand for faculties. To retain students and make them grow, every institute needs good faculties. If you are still thinking about what change will occur if we have dedicated and flexible faculty management software, then this is the right place to know. Stay tuned!

Why faculties are important for the educational system?

Faculties serve as motivation forces, and they are the first point to encounter for students and parents. So, managing faculties properly is one of the core responsibilities of educational institutes. 

Learn the reason why faculties are important stakeholders of an educational institute:

  • They are responsible for creating a learning environment in which students are inspired to think, grow, and develop.
  • Faculties not only teach academic subjects but also guide students about social values, and soft skills, and make them responsible citizens of tomorrow.
  • Faculties are responsible for building the right attitude in students towards education and showing them the right path.
  • They also encourage innovation and develop a passion for learning in students.

What is a Faculty Management System?

Understanding the significance of faculties in academic life, EdTech products like faculty management system software are now in demand. It is software that helps educational institutes to manage administrative tasks regarding faculty’s activities and processes. This software contributes a lot, from recruiting faculties to generating payroll, managing their attendance, and all related operations smoothly. 

A thoughtfully designed faculty management software helps educational institutes to do the following tasks efficiently:

  • Collect faculty activities, capabilities, achievements, and track of their intellectual contributions
  • Keep the faculty data up-to-date by syncing it with school ERP or other HR systems.
  • Some integrated features of faculty management software also offer student tracking, distance learning management, and custom report creation.
  • Maintain faculty data and keep it secure from unauthorized access.

How Vidyalaya can help you in effective faculty management?

Vidyalaya, a leading EdTech development company, has already launched feature-rich faculty management system software. Learn how it can be beneficial for your institute by understanding its benefits:

1. Hire of New Faculties:

As schools and colleges aim to increase enrolment every year, they also hire new faculties to meet the requirements. Hiring new faculties is a lengthy process and involves publishing advertisements, setting up criteria, arranging interviews, verifying the details, and finalizing the recruits. This tediousness can be eliminated if you go with the technology-oriented option of dedicated software. It can look after online faculty recruitment that will hire a deserved and well-educated teaching force for your institute. This system will be more transparent, efficient, and quicker than the manual one. 

2. Paperless Storage of Data:

Record keeping in a manual approach is bulky and requires a lot of resources, attention, and space. Also, it is not that much secure option as it doesn’t provide the required security to the data. On the contrary, faculty management system software provides an environment-friendly option and reduces paper consumption. One can build a paperless office and can transfer entire faculty data on its digital version. Also, the cloud version will protect unauthorized access to the data.

3. Manage Faculty Attendance:

Faculties are hired on different terms. Some are on a contract basis, some are on an hourly basis, and some may visit as guest lecturers. Faculty attendance is directly related to student performance and payroll generation. So, effective tracking of faculty attendance is one of the crucial tasks. Faculty management software can be integrated with an attendance system to track and manage faculty attendance. Also, the information entered is unalterable and transparent.

4. Generation of Payroll:

Once faculty members are hired on the payroll of the institute, their salary generation becomes a monthly task. There are multiple types on which faculties are taken onboard- hourly, monthly, and visiting. So, salary calculation may become complex. However, faculty management system software comes in integration with payroll management and will make this process smooth. It will take care of all the prerequisites and will come with accurate salary results. Also, online payment integration will transfer the salary on the respective faculty’s bank account.

5. Efficient Faculty Management:

Faculty management system software efficiently manages the faculty workload with its features. During the peak time of the academic year, this becomes very significant as it evenly distributes the workload and makes the task manageable. Also, it helps faculties in training and skill development by tracking the performance and teaching outcomes.

6. Data-driven Reports at fingertips!

Faculty data reports play a significant role in making efficient decisions. Faculty management software will help institutes to make decisions based on tangible data rather than assumptions and perceptions. This reliability factor can also improve loyalty, and faculty retention and will boost your institutional image. Easy, standard, as well as customized reports are just a few clicks away.

With changes in the education system, faculty management system is also going under transformation. Maintaining the faculty data and keeping it safe and confidential has become a major concern for them. Manual faculty management is not safe and prone to threats like data theft, alteration, and tampering. Vidyalaya rules out all these probabilities and offers a sophisticated faculty management system software. It becomes a central hub for faculty data management and leverages data based on your particular data reporting and accreditation requirements. So, dedicate a full-proof system for them, who dedicate their most of their life to shaping the nation’s future! Don’t forget to call or ask for a demo of a tailor-made faculty management system!

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