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What is Game-Based Learning & How it will help for Higher Education?

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What is Game-Based Learning & How it will help for Higher Education?

Game-Based Learning

The gaming industry is booming like never before. It has not remained reserved for leisure time but is reducing several industries’ overhead. Gaming has transformed the ways of understanding complex concepts.Unbelievable? Imagine the scenario – a teacher is teaching some complex concepts in a traditional way, like explaining the concept orally and by writing on the blackboard. Most of the students may be able to register all the explanations which will result in decreasing student engagement. On the contrary, when the teacher follows a game-based learning approach, students will learn the same concept in fun, interactive, and exciting ways like a game. Surely, this approach will fetch the students’ orientation and will develop their enthusiasm to learn and understand the concepts. In a nutshell, game-based learning is going to be a game-changer in the education industry!

What is Game-based Learning?

Game-based learning is a learning approach that takes the help of games to improve the learning process and develop skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. This approach uses both digital and non-digital games and simulations so that students can experience the learning on their own. To facilitate the education sector in the most common way, EdTech providers simply blend this approach into products like learning management system. It leverages the modern students’ intimate knowledge of gameplay and enables teachers to create an exciting environment to increase student engagement.

It is carried out using the following features:

  • Earning badges
  • Earning points
  • Owning the leadership position
  • Knocking out other rewards

What are the benefits of the Game-based Learning approach?

Textbook-based learning is conventional and has several drawbacks like requiring lots of time to revise the books, needing to handle them carefully, less engagement, and so on. Using a game-based learning approach envelops numerous benefits, some of which are illustrated below:

1. Equips Problem-Solving Skills:

Reciting from textbooks doesn’t develop all the skills required for students to sustain in the real world. Soft skills like problem-solving, decision-making, and developing and implementing logic need to develop on their own. And, this is where a game-based learning management system comes into the picture. It fosters professional skills by encouraging them to develop logic and solve different problems.

2. Promotes Critical Thinking:

With the game-based learning management software, it is observed that students are more likely to have improved critical thinking skills. While dealing with different levels of gaming, they develop independent beliefs before engagement.

3. Improves Student Engagement:

It is crystal clear that opting for game-based learning is far better than the traditional chalk-and-talk method in student engagement factor. The choice, feedback, and instructional design, that it offers keep the students more engaged and motivated than the conventional counterpart.

4. Teaches Situational Learning:

Game-based learning introduces situational learning that is based on learning should not be restricted to the head but should be a fundamental process. Using this innovative approach, students can learn and relate new concepts in accordance with their social relationships.

What are the types of Game-based Learning?

A Learning management system that incorporates a game-based approach can facilitate users in several forms. These are:

  • Card Games: The traditional card game never fails to fetch engagement in the learning process. Bringing mathematical twists will let students improve their intelligence and calculative skills.
  • Board Games: Board games played using a board let you improve analogies and logical skills. By introducing them to the learning management software, students can excel in the movement of pieces by applying correct logic.
  • Simulation Games: Real-world games turned into digital by simulating them pose a great challenge to apply logic and relate to real problems.
  • Word Games: Students can prosper their language skills by playing word games. It enables students to explore the properties of language and improve their own vocabulary and verbal skills.

How will a game-based Learning Management system help students improve their L&D activities?

Educational institutes always look for the betterment of their learning and development activities. A game-based learning management software can be a great contributor to this. Here is how:

1. Improve Communication Skills:

To bring the communication factor in digitalized learning, learning management software introduces several concepts like forums, chat rooms, group chats, and messengers. These embedded tools encourage collaboration and foster learning. Also, they encourage students to share their thought processes while completing the gaming levels. This will help to analyze the thinking process and let others improve.

2. Microlearning:

One of the biggest reasons why game-based learning has become popular today is it is well-equipped with pedagogical practices. This offers to divide the bigger concepts into smaller ones and can be accessed using any device.

3. Behavioral Changes:

Students can improve their academic knowledge using game-based learning as well as they can improve behavioral changes that are necessary to sustain life outside the classroom. Real-world problems, when imposed through gaming interfaces, may help to face them more effectively. They also help students to navigate through the routine and make the best decisions.

4. Reward their Talent:

Offering rewards and recognition always works great in any form of learning. A game-based learning management software includes several levels and exciting rewards at each level. Every level poses a challenge where learners can apply their skills to find the pot of gold at the end. This comes in a very interactive and personalized way where learner choose their own path and learn at their own pace.

Restricting learning to the blackboards and textbooks has become the old-school thing. Being an educational institute, you need to commit the thing that it is very challenging to meet the diverse needs of different learners and at the same time keep the student engagement factor high. To meet them, educational institutes are always in search of different teaching strategies. Game-based learning is one modern strategy that has become the apple of the eye in recent years with its effectiveness.

Vidyalaya promotes this approach and encourages it through leading products like a learning management system. The system transforms learning and development programs. It adds a fun factor to the learning process and optimizes the learning outcomes. Features like rewards, points, and certifications motivate the learners to build their knowledge and skills in a way that they will surely be fond of. If you are also thinking out of the box and want to implement this innovative approach to your campus, then what are you waiting for? Just dial our contact number, click here or drop us an email!

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