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Effective Strategies To Improve Student Attendance

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Effective Strategies To Improve Student Attendance

Effective Strategies To Improve Student Attendance

If you are a regular reader of news from the education sector, then you must have known that there are serious issues with student attendance. Although the government has made it compulsory to maintain some percentage of attendance, educational institutes have failed to obtain the magical figures many times. Technology can play a significant role in streamlining this important educational process and avail lots of benefits. Attendance management software is the name of the tool! When correctly implemented, only sure shot results are expected. Let us illustrate to you some of the effective strategies to improve student attendance and apparently improve student performance.

What is a Student Attendance Management System?

A Student Attendance Management System is an automatic attendance monitoring system that uses biometric or RFID-based devices to register attendance and automates the process. It also sends a notification message/email to parent’s registered mobile numbers/email IDs. This system rules out the flaws of the manual processes and offers a modern solution. 

What are the key Strategies to Improve Student Attendance?

Despite several practices, educational institutes may not achieve the desired level of attendance. Thus, to help out them, we list out some effective strategies:

1. Have real-time attendance Monitoring:

Manual method of attendance monitoring is tedious and time-consuming. At the end of the month or semester, teachers need to come up with summarised records of attendance: subject-wise, teacher-wise, and class-wise. This gulps efforts and time which can be either dedicated to improving core learning. However, biometric attendance software can eliminate the redundancy and offer impeccable results. It enables teachers to track attendance records of any students at any point in time. Also, the biometric or RFID-based system registers real-time attendance. This will convey the message of disciplined attendance to the students who will think twice before skipping the lectures. 

2. Attract Students with an Effective Curriculum:

Educational institutes rarely evaluate themselves for the poor attendance rate and blame students for the same. It is important to provide them with a fresh and exciting learning environment to improve their interest. Teachers can play a significant role in this and can work combinedly with the institute to offer the proper strategy. They can better come with a plan of curriculum where they find the student attendance is down the scale. Also, educational institutes can plan some activities or engaging assignments to improve the interest in overall learning. This effective planning of curriculum may help students to acquire certain graduate skills for their future career perspective. As a result, students may find these beneficial and may participate in the attending lectures. 

3. Promote Personalized Learning:

Not all students are the same! But this is exactly ignored in conventional learning and the same styles of teaching are applied. As a result, many students lose interest in their studies because of fear of raising their doubts in the middle of the class, not being able to match the teaching speed and others. Overcome all these by insisting on an attendance management system. Many edtech software combined with attendance monitoring, are enriched with personalized learning features. Students can learn at their own pace. With embedded digital tools, students can make their customized learning path and may improve their interest in studies. Students with special skills may achieve mastery in the skill and go beyond their best. This can encourage students to improve their attendance and reduce the absence rate. 

4. Introduce new Teaching Styles:

If you have to bring back the students into the studies, the educational institute needs to keep a distance from ineffective conventional styles. Relying only on blackboard teaching, oral explanations of complex concepts, and heaps of paper-based assignments are now outdated styles. Innovate yourself and adopt some trending teaching styles like online exams, virtual classrooms, and digital assignments. Go for a modern biometric attendance system in conjunction with a digital academic module and let your students enjoy this flexible approach. Apparently, this will add to the student attendance. 

5. Bridge Communication Gaps:

Students realize the importance of attendance but fail to attain the desired percentage of attendance due to various reasons such as illness, personal reasons, and disinterest in studies. Additionally, a lack of communication from the school also aids in fetching these numbers down. Student’s interest can be improved with various activities but the last aspect is well treated with the help of attendance management software. Schools can send notifications through messages/emails when there is a change in schedules. Also, tools like discussion forums, chat groups, and messaging can help students to interact and raise their voices noting their issues. 

6. Let Parents Involve:

In a manual way, parents were on the bay and only intimated when their ward’s attendance was too low. But there is no transparency in the process. This is best achieved by adopting a modern attendance management system where the system automatically sends a message/email to the parent’s registered mobile number/email ID. This can keep both sides updated about student attendance. Also, fetching subject-wise, weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance is now a task of a few clicks only. 

When we talk about student attendance, we conventionally talk about students present inside the classroom or on campus. With the digitalization in the education sector, almost every aspect has changed. And, student attendance is not an exception to this transition! Educational institutes are moving to online attendance and attendance management software has become a word of mouth in the education industry today. Still, some institutes are relying on traditional attendance registers. This is the article for them to bring them in today’s era and realize that they can implement effective strategies to improve student attendance with the help of technology. Vidyalaya is happy to assist you in shifting smoothly in this transition. Our Biometric Attendance Software is a perfect solution for assessing chronic absenteeism in schools. Just have it and process your attendance in a new way!

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