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7 Integrations in any School Management Software

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7 Integrations in any School Management Software


There are many school management software claiming to be best in the market, but the question is which one is better than the rest . While looking for best school software for your campus look specifically how many integrations they have to integrate with their software.

Below are 7 integration for school management software:

1. Biometric Integration

This integration is basically more important for the biometric attendance system in order to manage attendance of employees working in school, and integrating this facility with school ERP will give immense boost to rectify the error of putting attendance, if biometric facility is integrated with your school attendance software then it will automatically put the entry in system, which will eventually ease up the work on payroll of employees. Many educational institutes even use biometric fingerprint software for the attendance of students, in order to make process error free. Biometric Integration is something should be in your school administration software.

2. SMS Integration

School’s send messages or alert to parents regarding the attendance of their child, fee due etc. But this whole process is done separately and that to manually as many school software don’t provide integration of school SMS software. Having SMS solution integrated with School ERP will automatically send the alert to parents regarding any scenario the instance you school wants. This way schools can minimize the communication gap between school and parents. Having school messaging system integration helps institutes to communicate with parents easily.

3. Barcode Integration

With barcode integration, schools can track the flow of the inventory such as stationary stock, and other inventories of school, if barcode generator is integrated with school administration software than managing the stock and other properties of school can be done easily. Using barcode labels on books of the library will helpful to track down the status of the book simply. In many schools, Barcode labels are generated on students ID card and if the system is integrated with School ERP it will pave the path to obtaining information safely and securely.

4. Online Payment Gateway Integration

Fees are one of the major source of finance for any educational institutes, and collecting fees is equally major issue school face and the reason behind that is time barrier because most of the parents don’t have time to go bank or come to school for submission of fees. In order to rectify school can provide facility to parents to pay online their child fee. Online school fee payment integration is very beneficial for institutes as it eliminates the time barrier. Integrating it with online school management software will ease up work of the school to collect fees on time. In closure online payment gateway Integration must be in your institute management software.

5. Tally Integration

Most of the firms use tally as their accounting software, and although school management software provides accounting facility, the majority of education institutes prefer tally as it is proper accounting software. So how integrating tally with the school management system will be beneficial to schools, actually it’s optional case but if your software provider gives tally integration then it will easily migrate all the financial transactions from your school fee management software into tally, in this way school can track the record of the transaction from tally and software.

6. Mobile App. Integration

In order to bridge the communication between students, parents, and school, School mobile app. Integration plays a vital role, it is one of the tool for organization to became paperless organization, having school application make most of the work virtually teachers can assign homework to students from anywhere by uploading homework on student portal in a similar way any communication with parents can also be performed through this integration by sending any circular, remarks or progress report directly to the parent portal. In the same way, students and parents have the facility to get information directly and on record. Having mobile application is most among the 7 integration we are discussing here.

7. Vehicle Tracking System Integration

Students are the most valuable assets for school, and many schools nowadays started implementing Vehicle Tracking System or GPS tracker in buses, van or any school transportation service in order to keep eye on the transport, but in the same scenario there are very few School ERP provider who gives vehicle tracking system integration with software, so if school have large transportation unit, it is very valuable to have school bus tracking app.

Above are the 7 integrations which should be in any school management software, however, some of them are totally based on cases, but some are very important. If your campus is looking for any school management software make sure to ask the provider about this integrations.

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