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Communication must be HOT: That’s HONESTLY, OPEN and TWO-WAY.

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Building an effective communication with parents is one of the prior concern for educational institutes especially for schools where they need to provide updates to parents regarding student activities and their performance. And when I used to be in school I praised that schools were not so equipped with technology, after all, I was a mischief child and don’t want parents to track all my activities, but as I said that used to be.

Now as a parent I can’t tolerate that arrangement, I want to get updated regularly regarding the progress, activities of my kid on a regular basis, and like me, there are much more who wants to track down their child activities, it gives a sense of security to know how your child is performing.

So most of the schools and educational institutes have started implementing SMS and mobile app integration with their school management software, in order to set up a trustworthy communication with parents, as it became one of the factors of admission in schools.

Such type of integrations for schools works as a tool through which school can notify parents about their child’s daily attendance, fees and most important about the results and performance in exams. Having SMS/Notification facility helps schools to build the strong communication bridge between parents and teachers.

Having mobile app integration, schools no longer abide to work from campus, teachers can assign homework to students from mobile application in case he/she is absent, reminder to parents can be sent regarding fee due or parent-teacher meeting directly on parents mobile phone and most important of them having mobile application helps schools to go paperless in communication.

So if your school management software provide you above communication tools, then your campus is on the right track if not it’s time for schools start to thinking about this.

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