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Top Recommended School Database Management Software in 2021

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Managing the school data in the current generation has become assorted, as the schools are now having multiple campus, classes, divisions, and also number of students. The school in vintage used old school methodology and believe in bookkeeping for data such as student, attendance, accounting, finance, exam, academic, employee, library, transport, hostel, inventory and much more.

The employees in age-old maintained the data manually which makes their work more complicated and also decreases the time for other productive works. Implementing School Database Management Software helps to reduce the workload and manage the data in a much organized way.

A Database Management Software (DBMS) refers to a technology that stores the data and allows the user to Add, Edit, Delete, Update and Fetch the data from the software as and when needed by the organization as per their requirement.

The most problematic thing school faces is to manage the security of data. The school or any organization has enormous data to manage. With the enhancement in technology, the school is also upgrading the campus by implementing this Management Software.

The School Database Management System helps the organization to keep the data safe and secure completely on cloud. The data can be managed in a well-organized way.

Below mentioned are some of the activities conducted in school for which the data is managed in Database Management Software:

Vidyalaya School Management Software:

Talking about the educational institutes managing the data

Vidyalaya is a well know software in which the organization can manage the data according to their need and requirement. The management of data can be done in multiple ways using Vidyalaya Database management Software.

Vidyalaya Manages more than 1300+ client’s data in a very well-organized manner, the data is completely stored on the cloud and accessible to the client anytime anywhere needed.


The school can manage the general data of the students at the time of admission in the software such as student general details, address and contact information, Parents and siblings data, the documents of the students, health data and much more.

Student Fee:

The school can even manage the complete fee data of the students and can check the status of the fee whether the fee is paid or pending. The school can even manage the data of fee receipt given to the students, any additional amount taken from the student, exemption given, not applicable amount, Discount given, and also according to user-pay type wise.

Exam Result:

The exam results data can be managed in the School Database Management Software. Once the exam is taken, the marks can be managed in the software of each student and based on the marks the complete result can be generated.

Employee Data:

Employee-related data can also be entered in the School Database Management Software. The general data of employees, the documents, previous employment details, bank account details, and much more.

Employee Payroll:

The data of payroll can be managed of each employee, the earning and deduction details. The data of government related documents such as form 16 of the employee. The loan provided to the employee and also the employee recruitment, salary increment and retirement data can be managed.

Germanium Inc Software:

The software manages multiple data for school activities and also helps the school to manage their complete data in single software.


The day-to-day attendance data of the students can be managed in the School Database Management System. A complete record of present and absent students can be get.


The software allows the school to send the classwork and homework to the students of each class and maintain the complete log of the data sent to the students


The day-to-day activity data also can be managed such as the regular timetable sent to the students for everyday lectures to be conducted.

Academic: The teachers can keep a complete record of lectures taught in each class. The teacher can also generate a report of how much syllabus completed till date.


The software provides the basic facility to manage the school data and also helps the small organization to implement the software easily.

Online Class: The data of lectures conducted online can be managed and the complete track of the lectures can be maintained whether it is pending or completed in the School Database Management System.

Assignment: The assignment assigned to the students can be tracked and the data can be maintained on fingertips. With one click we can check the assignment of each class.

E-content: The data of content shared to the students for study can be entered in the School Database Management Software and can get the report of all the content shared at the end of the day.

The School Database Management System helps the organization in multiple ways and makes their work easy, reduces the manual work, makes the complete process online and data accessible anytime anywhere.

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