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What Is Transcript Of Records? Academic Transcript For Schools & Colleges

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What Is Transcript Of Records? Academic Transcript For Schools & Colleges

Transcript Of Records

Restricting yourself to get a degree from nearby or colleges within the country has been an old-school thing. Students are now breaking geographical boundaries easily to pursue their dreams. Are you dreaming of flying abroad for higher education? Then, you must have prepared a list of documents you must have. Make sure you have included a Transcript of records along with several legislative and academic documents. You must be aware that document submission is the primary step in getting higher education within the country or abroad. And the transcript of records is one of the important documents. Know more about this essential document and what its significance is in higher education!

 What is a Transcript?

A Transcript Of Records shows a detailed record of the student’s academic and non-academic performance along with grade, course, and subject details. It is also called an academic record and is an official document issued by the educational institute to authenticate a student’s academic achievements. All types of educational institutes including, schools, undergraduate, degree, and post-graduate. 

When a student applies at another educational institute abroad, there is a requirement to submit a transcript of records as proof of education. It shows a student’s capabilities and academic performance. Foreign universities have made the transcript of records as a mandatory document during the application process. 

What information is included in the transcript of records?

A transcript of records holds detailed information about a student’s academic performance like subjects, grades, lab scores, and other academic aspects. So, the overall structure of the transcript of records is:

  • Full name
  • Date of issue
  • Educational institute name and address
  • Name of educational board/university
  • Course names pursued by the student
  • Subject-wise scores/grades for all semesters
  • An evaluation by the faculty

Students should make sure that data entered across these fields is accurate. In case of any erroneous situation, they should raise a request to make the corrections. Else, they may face barriers in the future academic journey. 

What are the prime advantages of Transcript of records in higher education?

Students willing to apply to foreign educational institutes must apply for a transcript of records. As it is a detailed presentation of complete academic performance along with institute information. If you are submitting ToR online, don’t forget to mention the grading scale followed by your institute during your academic time. Even though it is fetched by referring to different data records, modern school management system are capable of drawing these records within a few clicks. Here are some of the major advantages of a transcript of records in higher education:

  • Transcript of Records shows the academic performance of students, list of courses taken, and course duration.
  • It is an essential document while transferring to a new institute and enables the new institute to have a complete analysis of student performance till date. It also helps to transfer the credits and promotes the flexibility approach in education.
  • Transcripts of records ensure the eligibility of candidates while applying to higher education. This single document gives all the necessary information for admission validity.
  • Many placement agencies and organizations come with a policy of application with Transcript of Records. They can have a glance of the academic performance of the candidate from a single document so it can speed up the scrutiny process also. 

How an academic transcript is different from a degree certificate?

Due to similar significance, one may get confused between a degree certificate and a transcript or record. But both are not the same and follows difference:

Sr. No Transcript of Records Degree Certificate
1. It shows records of your entire academic performance until completion of your degree or education. This is the final certificate that your institute gives you after your completion of education.
2. Students can get interim transcripts before completion of education. This is provided only once and that too after completion of education. 
3. Transcript of records is a mirror of academic and non-academic achievements. Degree certificate doesn’t show any achievements.
4. This academic record is a mandatory part of your application abroad.  If you have already submitted a transcript, then a degree certificate may not be demanded. 
5. It shows subject-wise performance along with grades/scores. Degree certificate doesn’t provide you with grades.

Summing it up!

Educational institutes are already running out of stretch due to extreme workload, especially after they have resumed their academics in full-fledged after the pandemic. Creating transcripts of records for every student may be a hectic task for the staff as it is consolidated information on subjects, grades, years of passing, etc. A lot of paperwork and trial is needed to develop a transcript for a single student.

Vidyalaya converts this monotonous and tedious task into a task of a few clicks. Our school management system has incorporated the features of storing academic data in a centralized cloud-storage system and automates the process of transcript creation. Call us for a free demo or any type of query regarding educational products and give wings to your students’ dreams!

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