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How school Management App help Education Sector to reduce their workload?

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How school Management App help Education Sector to reduce their workload?

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The year 2020 and 2021 brought hazardous memories of Covid-19. The outspread halted the entire world from performing its routine. All industries got busy finding innovative ways to perform the daily routine. The industrial sector relied on technology like remote work, conference calls to do daily routines whenever possible. But how education industry should survive? As the stakeholders have different courses of action in this scenario, how technology could assist them! But, yes Vidyalaya made that possible too with its thirst for innovation and legacy of impeccable products.

What are school apps?

School apps are the platform where one can find the hassle-free integration of academic and non-academic operations so that users can get an end-to-end seamless experience without having the necessity to depend upon resources like computers, laptops. These apps can be operated through smart gadgets like smartphones, tablets, one can access the operations from anywhere, anytime.
Vidyalaya introduces a wide range of ed-tech software products that help the education sector to streamline operations to achieve better efficiency. As we are living in the era of mobile-friendly apps, it become a necessity than a luxury to have a pocket-friendly mobile app for school management.

All of us know the benefits of school apps like:

  • No barriers for time, location.
  • Saves time
  • Effective teacher-parent-student communication
  • Cut down dependency on resources
  • Can incorporate modern learning techniques
  • Helps to make rapid and efficient decisions
  • Hassle-free operations

Shift to automated method became the need for the hour as manual working was causing several flaws. So, the inception of the digitalization of school operations was the only choice for educational institutes. Vidyalaya introduced much web-based software to regulate school operations. But, as time advances, we all moved from web-based to mobile-friendly. So, it is important to understand how and why the school management app can play a significant role in today’s time. Vidyalaya’s school management apps are bliss for educational institutes in several ways.

Let us discuss major of them are mentioned below:

Automation of tasks

The core purpose behind any inception of automation software is to reduce the workload by automating routine tasks. No wonder school management thinks of it to get better and more efficient results. If you visit a school office, you will see lots of files and folders scattered here and there, and staff is carrying out crucial tasks manually like cash handling, designing reports, creating timetables. This lack of efficiency may result in poor administration and wastage of resources. So, why not shift to automation of tasks!

Portability and scalability

One of the biggest advantages of opting for school apps is they are highly portable and scalable. No matter how big or small your school spans, the one-time invested apps are there for you always. School management does not need to invest in laptops, computers, and other infrastructural expenses as apps are operational through mobile phones. Also, for beginners, it is easy to learn mobile apps than web-based software. Students with smartphones and a reliable internet connection can start learning anywhere, anytime.

Online fee management

School fee is the aspect that needs to be dealt with throughout the year. School staff may experience lots of overhead during the peak admission period. Also, they need to handle the cash transactions and deposit the accumulated cash in the respective bank accounts by the end of the day. Carrying all this process manually, in absence of dedicated software may impose several human intervention errors. Sometimes, this may lead to big scams. So, to get the accuracy and rapid transactions, it is best to opt for a school management app with a fee management module.
Also, for parents, it is highly inconvenient to break their schedule and visit schools for paying fees and wasting time. If school management provides a robust and secure app, they can manage the fee payment activities by sitting in their comfort zone.

The innovative way of learning

Education has not been limited to chalk-talks and classrooms anymore. Students with access to the internet can get insights into the ocean of information. With an audio-video medium of learning, students can get a better grip over complex subjects.

The Covid-19 outbreak enforced us to go for virtual learning, and thus, schools and parents also realized the power of technology. They can have a wide canvas of experimenting with the resources to make the learning process better. In the time of personalization, school app can provide a unique way of personalization so that learners can engage more and more with the apps. Students can learn fundamentals of complex subjects like biology, chemistry, science with ease in audio, video, or ppt forms which were almost static in the traditional way.

Online exam management

Exams bring tensions to both students and the arrangement committee. Exam conduction is not an easy task as it requires a lot of preparation like timetable creation, exam paper management, seating arrangement, moderation, supervision activities, answers sheet evaluation, and final result declaration. Teachers and other staff need to stretch themselves to the successful arrangement of exams. This overhead can be reduced if school management opts for online exams. Vidyalaya’s exam module generates all types of question papers based on the syllabus given, sends the notifications to students, creates timetables. Exam conduction is also smooth as students can present for the exam from their home also, so there is no overhead of seating arrangement. A single teacher can moderate the exam so the necessity of moderators is also eliminated. Forget the headache of extra tasks of answer sheet evaluation as the system itself can assess the answer sheets within incomparable time and will give you instant results. So, with Vidyalaya’s school management app, exams are no more headache!

Auto-reminders and notifications

School staff along with routine tasks need to take several follow-ups like fee follow-ups, school bus updates, admission inquiry calls, and many others. Now relieve them from this monotonous task with the help of Vidyalaya’s school app. The app can itself send different notifications and reminders to concerned stakeholders about the activities. Vidyalaya understands the value of privacy and a busy schedule so school management can change the settings for push notifications, app notifications so that stakeholders can check them without disturbing their own schedule.

School management apps are in use before the Covid pandemics also, but the extensive benefits during this period underlined the necessity for the shift. Figures tell that trial versions of these apps fascinate the education management to go for premium versions. Vidyalaya promises to help educational managements in offering a comprehensive solution such that they experience reduced workload along with being a flag-holder in this dreadful competition era.

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