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Keep your Inventory Organised with Vidyalaya Inventory Management Software

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Keep your Inventory Organised with Vidyalaya Inventory Management Software


As day by day, people are being advanced, so the preference for schools is also advanced. To make schools more advance, infrastructure plays an important role.

Inventory purchase is taking place in every school and playing a very major role in conducting the class every day.

So Management of Inventory & all their records is a very difficult task.

Some of the common challenges faced by inventory management department in the school

  • Issuing materials is an often process in a school; it is hard to track the record. Issuing items in small quantity can be done every day. But in the long run, without any proper record this lead to so many chaoses.
  • Manually tracking data, paper record is subject to human error. Also can be lost and difficult to analyze.
  • Sometimes due to lack of management; materials can get stolen by employees or students or even pushed to the back of storage and forgotten.

So for the big & multiple campus management of the school, it is a very responsible task to manage all inventories with accurate records.

Here, Vidyalaya’s inventory management module helps you to track all-stock records, its issue, enquiry; vendor details and makes the stock management very easy.

Let’s have a quick look at the features of Vidyalaya Stock Module

  • Item Main Group Master:-  With Item Main Group Master all the item names required in school can be managed EG: Sports Goods.
  • Stock Item Master:-  All the item and item details like price, vendor name, bin name can be managed from here.
  • Stock Item Planning:-  This helps you to manage the stock & can plan accordingly for the future.
  • Stock Inward Request:-  The Stock inward request helps to inward stock on request.
  • Stock Inward:- On basis of Stock Inward request number school can inward the stock as per requirement.
  • Stock Inward Return:-  To return the stock after inward this screen is useful.
  • Stock Issue Student:-  On basis of id number, admin can issue the stock to the student on request.
  • Stock Enquiry:-  Stock enquiry page which displays the stock name and quantity and also it allows you to search the item on basis of the name.
  • Stock Alert:-  Here while adding stock, you will get the alert of the stock which is about to get finished on basis of the reorder number set and you can plan accordingly.

With Vidyalaya Inventory Management Software, get various different types of reports along with the stock updates & alerts.

So, manage School’s stock module easily & keep a record of how to handle all issue request easily.

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