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Top 10 Undoubted Reasons to go for Vidyalaya institute management software

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Top 10 Undoubted Reasons to go for Vidyalaya institute management software

Vidyalaya institute management software

    • An institute management software  is a platform for various schools to manage everything right from school admission to alumni also manages every school functions and processes and yes that includes from parents to students to educators to non-academic staff or management. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should go for one.

1. Precise decision making: With school ERP we can have all the important information and reports in front of us whenever we need them. This helps in quick analysis and helps in decision making.

2. More efficiency: Integrated processes, better communication, proper information updates, quick decision making will end up in more efficiency for the school.

3. Dashboard analytics: Vidyalaya Institute Management System provides you with interactive Dashboards to have a quick view on various activities of school at your fingertips. It also has the graphical representation of data for more better understanding.

4.Secured Data Management: Student data security matters a lot, where it comes student information system. This system efficiently manages the entire student data on a secured database with role-based access which can definitely avoid the data loss.

5. Paperless solution: School management software automates lots of manual activities which reduces workload and reduces paper use and helps to make your campus paperless.

6. Real-time data record: All the data ones enter in the software, is shared in a real-time basis. The time required in printing and mailing is saved by this process. It works for students, teachers, and parents as well. For instance, if some student is not in school, parents will get notification.

7. Custom Reports: One can generate fully reports as per their requirement whenever they can with our custom search option. Using it multiple reports can be generated with various filter criteria.

8. Effortless fee management: This helps in keeping automated record of every kind of student fee status as well as helps in sending alerts to parents. It also helps the management to get various records & reports as per their requirement with various filter criteria

9. Efficient Staff Management: This system effectively manages staffs and their tasks. It includes the attendance management, salary and compensation calculation, leaves management, and many more.

10.Added on Features: Vidyalaya institute management system has a complete solution to manage your inventory, assets, library, hostel, academics & much more at one single place.
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