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Education sector Union budget 2018 India

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Education sector Union budget 2018 India


Education is important for a country to grow. Education sector plays a vital role whether it is economically or socially. In India, education has improved a lot. However, it’s time to transform it digitally. It is need of this digitalized era to make it more straightforward, versatile and digitally empowered.

There are so many important ways in which education helps in a country’s progress.

  • Education makes people to become responsible and better Citizens.
  • Education helps a country to develop in every field, by making citizens educated.
  • Education makes people capable of getting Jobs.
  • Education helps a nation to become democratic and harmonious.

In Union Budget, 2018 the government focused to take education sector to the next level by improving quality of education and educational infrastructures through digitalization.

Initiatives taken by the Indian government to improve the quality of education in India

  • The Government plans to enable training program of more than 13 lakh untrained teachers. This will improve the quality of teaching and quality of education in our country and move towards digitization.
    With Vidyalaya School Administration Software modernize day to day operations of school by reducing manual work like taking daily attendance, create timetable, Admission Enrollment, course management, Student Monitoring, Administration etc, which helps teachers to be more productive and they can spend more time to train themselves.
  • Indian Government aims to transform schools from the blackboard to Smartboard, this will be the evolution of technology in the education sector.
    Likewise, Vidyalaya a School Administration Software helps schools in adopting digitalization to convert into a smart school.
  • The government proposed to launch “RISE (Revitalizing Infrastructure & System in Education” program with the total investment of 1,00,000 crores by 2022.  As our Indian Government planning to revitalize Infrastructure and Education System by investing a huge amount, here “Vidyalaya” plays an essential role in strengthening Indian education system giving a modernizing and digital impact.
  • The Government is planning to initiate Eklavya model residential school which is to be started for Scheduled Tribe Population. As per government more than 50 percent of ST population and at least 20,000 tribal people will have Eklavya model residential school by 2022.

Our School Management Software Vidyalaya has already extended its hands in digitalization of Scheduled Tribes schools by associating with Eklavya model residential school.

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