Top 10 Undoubted Reasons to go for Vidyalaya institute management software

Vidyalaya institute management software

  • An institute management software  is a platform for various schools to manage everything right from school admission to alumni also manages every school functions and processes and yes that includes from parents to students to educators to non-academic staff or management. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should go for one.…continue reading →

Efficient Leave Management with Vidyalaya.

Efficient Leave Management With Vidyalaya

An ideal Leave Management System should offer a complete, end-to-end solution when it comes to teachers leave management and policies. It should allow, not just monitor and track leaves as an employer, but also seamlessly set leave policies in place. With the help of this teacher can check the status of leave, can apply for leave and can also check the daily attendance record. It helps to streamline the entire leave management process for the Administrators.continue reading →

Can Technology Replace Teachers?


Technology Vs Teachers: Can Technology Replace Teachers?

In today’s modern era technology plays a vital role in converting our hard work into a smart work. Many technologies have been introduced which has now become a part of the education sector like smart boards, mobile app, cloud-based solutions, school management software and many more. …continue reading →

Balancing work & student together is not that easy..Is it?


Teachers play a vital role in student’s life, they are best known as a career builder of students by educating them in the right direction. Beyond that teachers serve many other roles in classroom and schools like creating classroom environment, Mentoring, controller, Management, promoter, Organizer, Curriculum development and many more.…continue reading →

Timetable Scheduling Made Easy with Vidyalaya Timetable Software


Being India’s leading school management software, Vidyalaya always tries to better understand the pain points of School Staffs. After a lot of digging, we found the same type of dialogue/remark coming our way, “We just wish we could automatically generate timetables! A school management system with automatic timetable management would be the best!continue reading →