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Efficient Leave Management with Vidyalaya.

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An ideal Leave Management System should offer a complete, end-to-end solution when it comes to teachers leave management and policies. It should allow, not just monitor and track leaves as an employer, but also seamlessly set leave policies in place. With the help of this teacher can check the status of leave, can apply for leave and can also check the daily attendance record. It helps to streamline the entire leave management process for the Administrators.

Leave Management system, allows to define & configure the rules for various types of leaves like casual leave, earned leave, compensatory leave, medical leave etc for the faculties of their staff. The teacher can apply for the specific leave online as per leave policy. Respective authority can either approve & forward to next authority or can sanction the leave with approval or rejection.

Features of a Leave Management System to Administrators :

A Leave Management System automates the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees of the Organisation.

  • Eliminates paperwork: With the help of Vidyalaya School ERP, the Administrator task work will process in a smooth way as they do not have to maintain the papers, registers, and reports.
  • Removes manual interventions: At the end of the month, while doing the salary for the employees, the admin has lots of tasks to do like the status of managing the leaves for approval or rejection. So by using the Vidyalaya ERP leave management, the manual work load can be removed.
  • Easy Report Generation: From Vidyalaya School ERP, the user can view the complete history of your employee’s leave details and leave balances in detail.

– History of leaves taken, approved, rejected or pending by an employee or group of employees.

– Eligible leave types allocated for different employee groups.

  • Online Leave Transactions: From Vidyalaya Leave Management the employees can apply the leaves from their end instead of adding those leave from Administrator end. So one task from Administrator plate can be removed.

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The leave management with Vidyalaya School ERP is helpful not to just administrators but also teachers. Here is how leave management works with Vidyalaya school ERP software :

  • Apply for leaves: Teachers or Employee will just be able to use the school ERP software to do the leave entry. When using leave management with school ERP software like Vidyalaya, it is possible to apply for leave at any time from any platform or device.

  • Track remaining leaves: Leave management with school ERP software helps teachers know at a glance how many leaves they have remaining. It is important for the teachers to track their status using leave management with Vidyalaya because it helps them better plan their days and adjusts the pace of their teaching and learning accordingly.

  • Instant notification on application status: Now the thing is after applying for the employee leave, the notification instant sent to the authorized person and the employee can check the status from Mobile application.

From Vidyalaya School ERP, Leave management is the process of managing employee time-off requests in a fair, accurate, and efficient way.

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