In today’s daily life, time is being a vital factor where Vidyalaya School ERP provides you with the solution to use it efficiently.

Maintaining the records and marks of the students manually is not only time-consuming task but also a hectic part. But in today’s modern educational technology, everything is easier. Marks and grades are automatically generated & calculated without spending long hours for making reports and other paper works. It has also gone through an eco-friendly process by going paperless.

Why result management system is required?

As technology is upgrading Life is becoming easier. Similarly, schools and educational institution also wants to have an solution to eliminate the tough and hectic task which they have to face & make their life easier. It saves efficient time and is cost effective as well.

This is how Vidyalaya result management system will help you:

1. Helps to reduce time consumption:-

No more wastage of time. Vidyalaya result management system helps to eliminate the manual mark entry & handwritten result sheets procedure & help you to ease the process.

2. Provides you with 40 + Marksheet Designs:-

It gives you the freedom to design your own Marksheet with an option to choose from 40+ Pre designed marksheets.

3. Valuation Based Assessment:-

It gives you with Scholastic, Co-Scholastic and Activity Assessment report cards to differentiate an individual student performance in various area & have detailed look over it.

4. Reduction in the workload :-

Vidyalaya result management system provides you with easier process and less difficulty to create the results. It frees the admin staff & teacher from the workload of maintaining the data in excel & creating the various combinations of marks & results.

5. Auto marks Conversion & Combinations:-

Our Vidyalaya result management system provides you with many combinations for mark conversions from various tests and automatically generates the report card.

6. Exam Admit Cards:-

Vidyalaya also enables you to print and generate Admit cards for different examinations conducted by your concern people.

7. Analytical and Graphical Reports:-

It gives you with different reports with Analytical and Graphical reports. Like the performance evaluation of the students & teachers and can be differentiated with class wise and division wise and subject wise as well. It also provides you with CUSTOM Reports as well. Vidyalaya result management system provides you with a Smarter Report card and helps you to start you with an eco-friendly process by going paperless.

8. Reduces Human Errors:-

Vidyalaya result management system helps to eliminate human errors as because many of the works which was to be done manually now is done by software and is automated. It manages the marks obtained by the students and the entire examination management in the software free from error.

9. Configurable Exam Patterns:-

Vidyalaya result management system provides you with the master base so any state board, CBSE, ICSE, IB can be configured easily into the software.

10. Online Examination:-

Vidyalaya E-exam provides an innovative MCQ Based assessment with automatic Question Paper with instant result.

11. Online Result in Mobile App:-

Result sheets & results can be sent to the parents instantly where parents could easily get the results in the mobile application & be updated on the child’s progress.

With Vidyalaya result management system you can completely ease your result generation process & eliminate the tough and hectic task of manual work & make the administration much easier.