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Top Key benefits of School Parent Portal that help to Manage school Effectively

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Top Key benefits of School Parent Portal that help to Manage school Effectively

Top Key benefits of School Parent Portal that help to Manage school Effectively

Over the years, parents have been ignored as stakeholders in the education system. But the disadvantages enforced schools to get them into the cycle like other integral entities. Effective communication between school teachers and parents helps to set a comprehensive plan for students’ overall development. And, school parent portal plays the digital mediator in this process where both communicating parties can get easy access to the information they want.

What is a school parent portal?

A school parent portal is a digital platform where parents and teachers can establish an effective communication pool. This tool can provide access to a child’s progress and understanding of the learning milestone. Parent portal acts as a window into the ward’s school activities and allows parents what exactly their kids are performing at school from timetables to grades. 

Although the school portal and school management software terms look similar and are used interchangeably, there are some aspects where both differ from each other.

The school portal differs from the school ERP software in the following ways:

  • A school portal is a page that provides easy access to various academic information details like attendance, and results and users visit this page with login and password. But the school management software covers several functionalities of school management like admission, timetable, payroll, fee management, and others.
  • School portals are invented primarily to share information so has limited functionality, whereas the school software covers a diverse range of functionality.

How a Leading School Portal can ease School Management?

A comprehensive school portal effectively plays a significant role in overall school management. The automation and efficiency provided by the portal definitely bring fruitful change. As it affects on the communication between schools and parents, the relevant processes experience the change.

Here is the write-up that tells how the key benefits of the school parent portal help in managing the school effectively:

Digital Portfolio

A parent portal act as a digital portfolio where the parents can get a glance at their ward’s academic performances. A well-designed school portal enables parents to create, manage, share, and archive digital portfolios so that the learning process is enhanced and maintain a good relationship. This will help school administrators to maintain a transparent system where parents can see how their kids are performing. Teachers can use these portfolios to make necessary changes in teaching methods and the overall learning process. Also, the e-documents available at the portal make it more accessible to parents and school administrators. 

Effective and Real-time Communication 

It is a common complaint of today’s parents is that they cannot pay sufficient attention due to their hectic work life and they miss important updates regarding their ward’s academic world. A school portal exactly addresses this issue and provides access to real-time information. As this information is shared by the school authority, parents get the authorized and accurate information in the first place. So, the overhead of making arrangements for one-to-one communication is eliminated and school administration can spread the desired information within a few clicks. 

Performance Reporting

Parents are more concerned about their ward’s performance than anything. Live dashboards are the best mediums to have insights into analyzed data. A school Online portal integrated with a wide array of reports that can be easily downloaded or exported will definitely calm the parents’ anxiety from all perspectives. Not only the academic performance but also the attendance or internal exam evaluation make the assessment complete and comprehensive. Availability of data right away from a few clicks will reduce the load on the administrative and management staff to provide the necessary information whenever parents ask for it. 

Attendance Tracking

Attendance of students impacts growth significantly, so it is a mandated practice in schools to maintain attendance registers. With the advancement of technology, schools are insisting on biometric attendance to eliminate the flaws of the manual system. Parents can check and track the attendance records of their wards with the attendance tracking system available on the parent portal. Also, the digitalization of attendance management makes it easy for management to generate various reports on subject-wise, class-wise, and teacher-wise attendance. This will help management to have a fruitful insight into the data and make necessary decisions for the improvement of the learning process.

Curriculum Planning Board

Curriculum planning is one of the highly-crucial activities that need to accomplish start of every academic year. Furthermore, teachers divide this plan into lesson-wise plans and follow them for timely completion of the syllabus before the exam. An effectively designed school portal helps teachers with easy preparation and seamless access to lesson planning. The portal enables teachers to create a board plan and share it with the students so that they are also well aware of the upcoming learning. Shared parties can add text, videos, audio files, and google docs to make it more informative and engaging. Also, teachers can share this dashboard link with other teachers so that every authorized entity can access the data from anywhere, anytime.

Paperless Administration

As we all are focusing on digitalized education, school administrations are implementing several ways to have eco-friendly campuses. Having a school parent portal is a great way to achieve this aim. With the portal, one can reduce paper and energy usage and can have paperless administration to much extent. Also, for parents, it is possible for parents to pay the invoices online and generate the bills in a digitalized format. The effective dashboard helps parents to have access to crucial information like notification centers, academic calendars, and fee payments. Among these, the portal provides a link to pay the fees online can help parents to accomplish the activity in a paperless system. Thus, they don’t need to carry any documents without bearing the fear of loss of documents. Also, they can conveniently pay all forms, such as hostel fees, school fees, and transport fees without physically visiting the school. 

Improve Brand Image

Having a digitalized version of your school has become a status symbol in today’s data-driven era. To sustain in today’s competition, schools must have engaging websites, school portals, and advanced school management systems. A well-designed school portal can attract potential students as they get every bit of information under one roof. This will depict the well-organized and structured discipline of your school and enhance your brand impression. Even, information about various achievements like sports championships, academic competitions, and others by the students will glorify your brand of education. This will help existing students to get motivation by having a presence on the school portal and informing potential students that your school aims for academic and non-academic development of students. 

Gone are the days when parents visit the schools to pay fees or collect report cards. With the digitalization of education, everything has been transferred to screens. As teachers and parents are equally contributable to the ward’s academic journey, their combined efforts can make this journey with fewer hurdles. School software providers like Vidyalaya, recognize this need for the hour tool and facilitate a comprehensive and easy-to-handle school portal along with other school products. Let this digital platform bridge the communication gaps in smart ways and bring a revolutionary change in school management, as both have a common goal for the ward’s overall development. 

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