Let’s see what’s new in Vidyalaya – The best ERP software for schools!!!


“What leads and drags the world are not machines but ideas”.

  • With that note, we are pleased to announce that our new version of Vidyalaya has been released which includes class status batch-wise, Circular based on Principal/HOD’s Approval, Custom search, Employee 360’view and history, Dashboards of Certificate, Fees, Admission, Biometric.…continue reading →

Easy Payroll Calculation with Vidyalaya School ERP Software


Payroll is one of the most important financial components of business it can have a serious impact on the net incomes of an organization. Organizations must pay employees in a timely, accurate manner and in an efficient way. When you have a good school ERP software it can help you to manage your payroll work a lot better than what would have happened otherwise. With the help of such school ERP software, you would be able to manage the salaries that have to be paid to the teachers.

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School ERP Software – Single Solutions for Multifaceted problems


Schools – An Integral & Important part of the Society. Schools play an important role in the social development. Children the future of any nation spends most of their quality time in Schools. Schools nurture the students to grow & develop their unique individuality. Schools provide the environment in which the roots of the children grow & they become a strong individual to contribute to the growth of society. With this huge responsibility on schools, managing the tedious administrative task manually is not possible. So here is where School ERP becomes helpful to manage these tasks efficiently.…continue reading →