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Easy Payroll Calculation with Vidyalaya School ERP Software

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Easy Payroll Calculation with Vidyalaya School ERP Software


Payroll is one of the most important financial components of business it can have a serious impact on the net incomes of an organization. Organizations must pay employees in a timely, accurate manner and in an efficient way. When you have a good school ERP software it can help you to manage your payroll work a lot better than what would have happened otherwise. With the help of such school ERP software, you would be able to manage the salaries that have to be paid to the teachers.

Generally, schools try and maintain such data on Excel sheets. Sometimes they realize that it is next to impossible to do such work on Excel without making any major mistake! To manage the Payroll with accurate calculation, Vidyalaya school ERP software has provided this work in a smooth manner and in very little time as well.

The major functionality of the Vidyalaya school ERP software are:

  • Payroll with Biometric: With the help of Biometric, from the in/out punch timings school can calculate the total payroll days, absent days & present days automatically. The Half day detail of employees also reflects in Biometric reports. The Leave summary also shows in reports if the employee applied for the leave. Also, calculate the deduction & earning properly. The user can also get the monthly reports & date wise report.

  • Payroll with Loan: User can also evaluate the loan details criteria with EMI based on proper Interest rate calculation. The loan details will also reflect in Employee payslip monthly without calculating individual. Every month the deduction of a loan will show in employee payslip.

  • Payroll with Income Tax: By using this school ERP software user can also take the income tax form details. You can easily take the Form 16 from this school ERP software with proper design and evaluation. The generation of Challan in Vidyalaya school ERP software is quite simple to manage. User can also do the Income tax slab setting as per format offered & various challan entry can be managed in Vidyalaya school ERP software.

With all these facilities, the user can retrieve the data quite easily. As Vidyalaya school ERP software utilizes the latest technology to store such data there is no question of the information getting lost. This school ERP software also provides easy access to all the stored data, which means that you can get back the data as and when you want to. From this Payroll Module in Vidyalaya school ERP software, the user can get many reports monthly or yearly, the user can also get the reports based on PF & PT deduction. Now user can also generate the ECR reports from Vidyalaya school ERP software and can upload on website. The user can do it in a very simple way without any problem whatsoever.

So, from Vidyalaya school ERP software it is easy to view the reports with accurate evaluation and in an easy manner. This payroll module ends with an easy calculation with the time-saving process in an efficient way. The user can do it in a very simple way without any problem whatsoever.

So, let’s make the payroll generation easy this financial year with Vidyalaya school ERP software.

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