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Do Small Institutes Require School Management ERP?

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Do Small Institutes Require School  Management ERP?

Do Small Institutes require school software

Hey, do you own a school of yours? Well, a big kudos to you for your endeavor.

But, don’t tell me you don’t own a school software to manage your stats regarding everything that is important in your beautiful organization.

If you don’t own a school management ERP and like most of the people you too have the usual myths which are doing the rounds regarding that, let this article bust of all the myths you have

You may think that because you are a budding organization and the number of students you currently have are less, then let me tell one thing, BOTH ARE GOING TO GROW, FASTER THAN YOU THINK.

Some of the religion-based schools also fall into this category. There are many schools in this category creatively and efficiently using our School Software. So, let us see what are the myths that prevent other small institutes from improving their overall operations with the help of school software.

Myth 1 : We can manage with papers only, you know. We don’t need any software for that.

This is a common myth that one can survive just with the papers, so why tis humbug. This may stand true for the first couple of years but as soon as the organization begin in full swing, you will notice that your staff is burning hours more on paper management than in maneuvering the disciples.

In addition, years after, you will still have all kinds of records on a mouse click with you.

Myth 2 : Such software is quite expensive

Honestly that’s not an issue at all. You can always customize your plan based on your needs.

As your organization grows you switch to a premium plan.

And you can always have a free trial, before you make up your mind.

Myth 3 : But they always have some starred hidden costs.

Well sometimes this paranoid is true and those who are new to online purchasing of such tools fear indirect or hidden costs associated with the school software.

Always look for transparent pricing and go through all kinds of asterisk conditions.

Also understand how the price changes according to the different variables like the number of students, number of users, mobile app, extra features, etc.

Myth 4 : Excel sheets can give the same output too then why buy another software.

This is the most popular rhetoric which keep doing the rounds everywhere. Almost all the faculties are being trained in excel itself which further motivates the owner to continue the same.

Honestly, just using spreadsheets, DBMS, or SQL is not going to help in any way. The data organizations like school use are humongous. Just think about timetable management and fee collection using just spreadsheets.

Myth 5 : Dedicated faculty required to manage school management erp

One may believe that they may need dedicated team of faculties to work upon software related tings going through n numbers of its functionality.

But the good software will be developed considering user friendliness. Even if your school is currently budding, still your teachers can be trained upon such specialized software within a month or two.

In that time, itself your regular faculties will become a Picasso of it.

Myth 6 : After all kinds of myth busting, the last myth which always remain is: Okay! Let us grow a bit, and then we will use it.

In some cases, everyone understands the benefits, but still restrain from using such Software and are unable to break that glass ceiling. We strongly suggest that by the time your institute will grow you will require the past data to compliment your future strategies. And in such scenarios our software will come as a rescue.

As they always say, precaution is better than cure. So, let’s get the school management ERP onboard before it gets too late.

We are sure that by now, and by and large, all your myths are broken. Then what is stopping us?
Let’s get onboarded. Let’s get it done.

In case you will need our assistance, any time while setting it up, we are always there.

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