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Complete Guide to Online Assessment Management System

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Well, many academic institutions are progressively feeling the requirement for patching up the online assessment pattern. Online exam systems are used in various working fields and each one of them has its own goal to achieve. A flexible information system allows institutions to manage information related to quizzes, tests, coursework, examinations and create reports to assess student performance.

The online exams software is worked around academic objectives to develop student outcomes and learning, also it helps education institutions to make informed decisions. School assessment is the organized princess of using and recording the data on the skills, knowledge, abilities, and beliefs of a student. By taking the online exams, teachers attempt to work on the learning of a student.

The online assessment software platform works on numerous platforms – web, cloud, and mobile. It drastically decreases the workload and time spent by teachers on manual work. They can make question banks for different courses and upload documents, files, media, and images in an assortment of formats. Students can easily make online submissions of tasks within the system, while teachers can give feedback, share the grades with students and parents.

Vidyalaya’s online exam system offers a mobile and cloud-based adaptable and customizable assessment solution for higher education and schools. Our solution can optimize and automate the assessment process school, campus-wise to meet the vital and assessment goals of schooling institutions.

Importance of Assessment Management System

At the point when you start making an assessment (subject material) for your students, you want to assess your assessment. The teacher sets out objectives to fulfill at the end of each part, chapter, or the end of the assessment. The online assessment decides whether or not the goals of schooling education are being met. So, these are a few questions that regularly strike your mind while taking the assessment. You need to ask these questions throughout the entire lesson.

The online assessment affects decisions on various areas such as grades, situation, instructional needs, placement, advancement, and curriculum. So as a matter of all, you have to identify what type of assessment you want to give the students. Whether the student needs performance-oriented or goal-oriented assessment are the sorts of assessment that a teacher can provide to their students.

Advantages of Online Assessment Management System

Mainly, the use of an online assessment system saves the time of teachers and students. Often the online assessments can be finished in very little time, some students can finish the assessment at that point and for that, you don’t need to have particular staff for it. Likewise, the online exam takers can take the exam at home, or in class, using their laptop or smartphone device.

Likewise, a teacher needs to define the hour of the assessment for example when will the assessment start and when will it end. Also, teachers need to tell the various types of questions that one commonly asks during the hour of an assessment. Sorts of questions included in an online assessment are MCQ, Diagram-based questions, short answers, long answers, drag-drop, and fill-in-the-blanks.

  • Faster analytical and grading reports for all types of exams
  • A quick review evaluation system for Multiple Choice Questions
  • Teachers can provide real-time guidance and directions to students at similar times with definite explanations to questions that the students appeared for the test.
  • Software’s time-based test with fairly good features and negative marking to change the exams according to the requirements.
  • Highly customizable, interactive, reliable, and might be accessed on multiple devices.
  • It minimizes the opportunities for cheating and guarantees the security of test content.
  • It also helps employees to master company procedures, equipment operations, and safety rules.
  • Rapid deployment of online exam assessments on a global or local scale.


Online assessments, exams come with various advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s dependent upon you to decide the most ideal choice for your case, i.e., sticking to paper tests or going advanced (digital). Although the online assessment Management software is a value for money for the coaching, school, colleges, and each needy person using the software.

Additionally, online assessments allow the students to take their exams anyplace, anywhere, and at any time. Also, students can get their exam results instantly and they can download them.

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