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Top 9 School Management Software in India

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Top 9 School Management Software in India


At this time of the global pandemic, instead of managing all those piles of papers manually opt for a better option for managing your organization’s administrative work. Go for school management software, a highly agile school information management system that encourages schools to improve their organizational skills reduces total costs and provides school managers, staff, students, and guardians with the right data in a timely manner, so that they can properly track it. School management software helps educational institutes handle their learning & non-learning activities in every area.

In addition to improved coordination between students, teachers, and parents, you can also expect streamlined processes for Admission management, Accounts management, Student management, Attendance management, Transport management, Examination management, Library management, Staff management, Fee Management, Grades & transcripts, Class Scheduling, Couse history, Sports scheduling, Hostel management, Reporting, etc. Digitizing educational institutions in this period of the Internet allows excellence not just in academics but also in marketing and management. A new education culture is a remedy and the motivating factor for creating the finest management of schools.

Some benefits of the School Management Software System:

  • Timely collection of fees
  • Effective coordination between learners and teachers
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Teachers should concentrate on academics
  • Effective contact between parent and teacher
  • College Success Evaluation
  • Personalized Student Development Plans
  • Efficient Student data management
  • Timetable management
  • Human resources

A Couple of India’s Best School Management ERPs

  1. Vidyalaya School Management ERP
  2. I-Genius
  3. NLET
  4. Schoolbic
  5. Ireava
  6. EDRP
  7. OpenEduCat
  8. Shiksha365cloud
  9. Eduwonka

Vidyalaya School Management ERP

Vidyalaya is a powerful online school management software with 18+ years of expertise in the field and 1300+ clients globally. A perfect fit for your administrative tasks. It is compatible with any size of school, college, or institute. Starting from Student admission to accounting, there is everything you could wish to manage in school management software. With less investment in management problems, you can handle multiple campuses through a single software. It not only gives you the independence to work according to your own system but also provides you the option to give rights of the functions to particular users. Not only they provide you 35+ modules with 1500+ reports in build with graphical and analytical representation, but there are also 8+ integrated plugins that would make your work smooth. It helps the parents to efficiently interact with management or teachers. Vidyalaya gives you the opportunity to take classes online for the students at the ease of your home in this time of the pandemic.

Modules that Vidyalaya offer:

  • Student Management
    o Admission
    o Attendance
    o Certificates
  • Finance management
    o Fees
    o Charge
    o Deposit
    o Scholarship
    o Accounting
  • Assessment Management
    o Exam Management
    o Co-scholastic management
  • Resource Management
    o Inventory management
    o Transport management
    o Library management
    o Hostel management
    o Canteen management
  • HR & Payroll management
    o Employee management
    o Attendance
    o Payroll
    o Loan
    o Income tax
    o Appraisal
    o Recruitment
  • Academics
    o Time-table management
    o Lesson Plan
    o Class/Homework/Assignment

Integrated Plugins:

  • SMS
  • Mobile Application
  • App-based Virtual Classroom
  • Online Exam
  • Online Payment
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Biometric
  • Barcode
  • Tally Integration


I-Genius is a school management software developed to help you with your daily school-related complexities. It fulfills your requirement and helps you manage your administration tasks. It offers multiple modules like admission inquiry to easily manage all the inquiries of students for admission. Along with the coordinated Fee management module, it helps to make the declaration forms simpler. Schools can monitor the accessibility of various course books and reference materials with their entire library administration module, and thrive in an imaginative learning environment. Also, I-Genius helps you keep track of transport with the help of the Transportation module over numerous courses.

Some key features of I-Genius:

  • Admission management
  • Fees management
  • Transportation
  • Library management


NLET initiatives LLP is working with a goal to push India’s education & technology to the next level, which is more digitalized and more effective than it is now. They expect that their approach will help to improve the skills of small-scale & mid-scale business owners & senior management, start-ups, school management, students, and workers.

Some key features in NLET School Management Software:

  • School & Institute management
  • Teacher management
  • Student management
  • HR & Payroll management
  • Fee Management
  • Attendance management
  • Time-table management
  • Inventory management
  • Exam management


Schoolbic is a ground-breaking framework for modern schools & organizations to collaborate. To Automate all tasks like communication, scheduling, curriculum & lesson sharing, monitoring accomplishments & development, fee payments, and much more. It is extremely simple for students, parents, employees, and school owners. Schoolbic is an all-in-one school management application. A state-of-the-art school management system for the institution’s 360 Efficiency Visibility and Administration fits perfectly for every size of school/university.

Some key features of Schoolbic:

  • Student Admission system
  • Exam management system
  • Accounting system
  • HR & Payroll system
  • Fees management system
  • Library management system
  • Hostel management system
  • Bus management system


Ireava is a school management software with a technology framework for development. Ireava helps you access everything just in a single click. It helps you manage your administration with around 25 modules. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-use software that even a computer noob can use it. Ireava is simple to use, has pricing plans, and a stable forum for giving away.

Key features of Ireava:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Online Examination
  • Study center
  • Attendance management
  • Fees management
  • Student management
  • HR management
  • Academics management
  • Examination management
  • Hostel management
  • Transport management
  • Library management
  • Inventory management


EDRP is a cost-effective, easy-to-use school management software. In today’s generation. There’s hardly enough time available for the teachers for management to interact with students or parents. EDRP helps you save your time in administrative tasks and interact with students more. EDRP provides you with 20 online modules to manage your administration and be free from all that hectic paperwork. Along with the modules, EDRP provides a mobile app for effective communication between parents and school management.

Some features of EDRP:

  • Admission management
  • Academics management
  • Attendance management
  • Accounts management
  • Transport management
  • Library management
  • Hostel management
  • Staff management
  • Payroll management
  • Reports
  • Online class
  • Online Fee management


OpenEduCat is a school management software developed by Tech-Receptives Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They accumulated a team of solid, imaginative, talented, and committed engineers and designers to serve educational institutes including schools/colleges. OpenEduCat helps to manage, collect, collaborate and communicate amongst teachers, management, and students. OpenEduCat focuses mainly on providing the Educational Institute with all the requisite features and functionalities and developing an atmosphere in which efficiency and improved workflow are the key elements.

Some key features of OpenEduCat:

  • Student management
  • Faculty management
  • Course management
  • Enrollment management
  • Exam management
  • Financial management


Shiksha365cloud is an online school management software to help you with administrative tasks. Shiksha365cloud is designed to meet all your requirements and therefore it is planned to be operated at a high level of security to top it all, it is completely customizable. Shiksha365cloud offers you 16 modules in the software like the academic & examination module, fee module, transport & hostel module, front office module, accounts & purchase module, Inventory module, HR & Payroll module, and administrator module.

Some key features of Shiksha365cloud:

  • Student Management
  • Financial Management
  • Exam Management
  • Scholarship Management
  • HR Management
  • Library Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Academic Management
  • Transport management
  • Hostel Management
  • Custom Report


Eduwonka is a one-stop solution to manage all the crucial information of students. It helps you get rid of the hassle while maintaining the administrative paperwork. Eduwonka helps you maintain your data online and assures you that the data is accurate and up-to-date. Eduwonka helps teachers and students to coordinate more easily. Provide study material to students so that they could access them anytime they need it. Take regular assessments of students and empower them to keep track of their progress. Simplify the financial processes of your school with tools for monitoring incoming, outgoing, and unpaid payments, creating payslips, and recording expenditures and refunds. Perform complex school management activities and produce results in seconds with digital insights, company efficiency, and uptime of 99.99 percent.

Some features of Eduwonka:

  • Academics
  • Communication
  • Analytics
  • Access Control
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Multi-School
  • Multi Academic


As technology is rapidly hiking, it’s time for us to walk with it gradually. A good school software in India not only helps you with your tedious work, but it also frames your school’s management which attracts the parents. Therefore, the above-mentioned are some of the best school management software which you can choose for your organization.

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