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What is the Scope of ERP Based School Management Software in India?

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The education sector in India has evolved over the years from and has witnessed several changes which aim for growing the importance of education from traditional classroom to virtual classroom, which itself is the new norm due to The massive COVID-19 pandemic, these changes have also introduced because of modern technology such as online teaching, digital worksheets, and animated education. This digital education has resulted in the adoption of School Management Software which is the primary tool to manage the administrations such as attendance, student enrollment and registration, online learning, online fees payment, digital assignments. This software is developed and designed to reduce the paperwork and digitized the manual data. The data management, administrative tasks, and employee management also becomes easier with ERP based School Management Software.

A school management software is a set of tools that lets the organization work smoothly, streamline the paperwork administrations of institutes. Specially designed to succeed in the day-to-day administrative tasks of schools. It allows schools to digitally observe the regular activities along with maintaining all the resources and information on a single application. There is no shortcut in the educational system but ERP plays an extraordinary role as the gen-next students expect a lot from their schools and colleges.

In the Modern world education schools need to adopt ERP based school management software with digital learning and it helps the schools function in the best manner.

ERP’s help the school’s functions immensely

The School ERP cloud-based software helps the school to start their functions cohesively and excellently. With some setup in the software, schools can ensure that all the routine functions and administration tasks are taken care of. This application helps the schools manage their institute operations such as assessments, fees management, Online Learning, etc. These ERP based functions are very precise and user friendly that it reduces the chances of human error, makes their system automated. Moreover, it helps schools to primarily focus on students’ progress. The admin team requires lots of time and staff to handle the school functions, thanks to the ERP all the staff can do the productive work. The software helps students to issue or reserve the book and as a result library management becomes easy. The school can have online meetings with parents to discuss the students’ academic performance. It additionally sends automatic alerts in the form of SMS, email, or notification to students and teachers. In the absence of the teacher, the proxy teacher too gets the alert.

Performance and monitoring become easier in ERP

Managing the student’s certificate records is similarly important for the school as it helps students in their future education so it can be managed easily in the school management software. The involvement of parents in the child’s education is essential. While the ERP executes all the important information about students’ attendance, progress, behavior, assignments, assessment grades, sports activities, group discussions, and extracurricular activities, it can help the teachers and parents to check the student’s true potential.

Managing employees easily

The employee registrations in the ERP’s benefit schools immensely, as it helps to keep their previous employment records, general details, employment certificates. They can also generate their Payroll with loans and appraisals. The management can manage and track their attendance record and subsequently set up their payroll.

Digital grading and E-learning

With the modernized era, the digital world is growing especially during the lockdown period, it has forced the schools to go digital. Through digital learning, schools can conduct MCQs based online exams and can grade the students according to their performance. In the lockdown period E-learning has also become essential since it is the only alternative for schools to teach children. Teachers can take online sessions with students like an online lecture, Question and answer session, Group Discussion, and Extracurricular Activities. After conducting the classes, they can have online exams and online results. The school coordinators can have virtual meetings with parents. Additionally, they can upload podcasts and Youtube videos. It is more user-friendly than meeting apps because all the students’ and employees’ data are available in ERP. With all these features, schools can keep all the data of students and employees on one platform which is a School Management ERP.

Cloud-based central servers

Data protection is the first aspect that comes when it comes to handling bulky data. Earlier the physical servers were used to store the data. Cloud-based servers execute the best possible security resolutions. The ERP software’s cloud-based servers serve as acquired storage for the students’ data. It has advantages such as Accurate Record Maintenance, Encrypted Data, Flexible to use, Unified Platform, and Reliable Infrastructure.

Helping parents to coordinate with the school

Communication is an important aspect between schools and parents. This ERP always keeps the parents updated in their application. The school management based ERP gives the students timely updates of their kid’s homework and worksheets. They can track their student’s buses with a vehicle tracking system. The parent can check their kid’s attendance records. They can pay the fees online with payment gateway integration in the ERP. They can also keep updated on regularly educational board’s circulars and the latest news of the education sector. The alerts in the form of SMS, push notifications or email can be available. Hence the ERP offers parents the security of their child, accurate information about what his/her child does in school. With all these features parents can have regular updates of their children and it helps the parent to be coordinate with school easily.

Management information system to help them make smart decisions

The MIS (Management Information System) in an ERP helps the admin team to have the management leveled information and make the best decisions. It has dashboards like daily fee collections of all their branches. The student’s overall assessment information. They can further have academic dashboards such as classwork, homework, and lesson plans. Management can have an attendance dashboard for student and employee attendance. The administration can search out student and employees’ basic profile relevant information. They can additionally have the other informative reports of student strengths, average attendance, and a lot more through which management can make smarter decisions to improve their framework and process.

Front office management

The school management software‘s object is to reduce workloads and automate their duties. With the front office, the school can manage the institute administration at their campuses such as Visitor’s and Student’s Gate pass generations, Lost and Found items Registrations, and Inward and Outward Correspondence management.


The School management-based ERP’s bring a vast difference for teachers, students, parents, and management. It offers good productivity and easy accessibility. The numerous advantages offered by ERP based School Management System gives enough reasons to implement in your educational institutes. It will facilitate the schools, colleges, coaching centers, and other educational institutes to manage their operational work efficiently and effortlessly.

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